Portal framework – the optimal choice for portal developer

A good portal usually offers a single point to enter one or more different applications. The other feature is that they shall be linked together properly, as in other case the user will have a bad feeling of mosaic when browsing the portal. However the most important part of the framework of the chosen portal is the personalization. If the user logs in, the portal shall understand the chosen settings and offer the data according to them, so that the corporate web portal developer gets exactly what he wants.

The information of this article is neutral one; still you shall be aware that the author has the acquaintances with the JBoss as the portal and product. This article features the curious facts about portals in general manner. After reading the article throughout you will most likely decide if the portal is what you need in your architectural decision, or if it’s not. Here are several features of the portals.


When creating the portal, the portal developer shall mend it carefully into the infrastructure that already exists. All the SSO solutions along with the portal applications shall be in place from the very beginning.

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