Dig into the details of the Ruby on rails programming

There is one of the considerable advantages of the program; we’re talking about the rubygems. If you’ve been using the Ruby on Rails for a while, you could have noticed the special rubygems for the Iflexion Ruby developers of all kinds. In other words if the problem is common, some other developer might have solved it already, and all you need to do is to find their solution and use it in a full way.

So if you’re creating some code for a general use, meaning you’ve done it several times already for the other applications, stop and think for a moment if this code could be inserted into a gem, so the other users might get some profit from it too. This way there more and more gems available for the wide range usage every day. This kind of Ruby on rails programming not only helps to widen the gems library, but also makes you think about the proper code form. Many users admit the moment they decide to put the code into the gem they revise it and at the end they get much more simple and neat variant with the same meaning. Also when it comes the time for you to use the code once again, it appears to be already testes multiple times and sometimes even updated to a better code you’re free to use.

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The main PHP (2.0) applications

The web is long ago a special turf for PHP. The libraries created on this language are available on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Facebook. Basically the entire Facebook is built with the help of custom PHP, development as it is one of the most popular languages in the IT sphere. So if you’re curious about the specialty of codebase there, be sure – its PHP (2.0) applications. The reason is because it is fast and reliable enough. The Toolpages are containing the latest open PHP SDK for the open source. The JavaScript SDK is offered for the mobile devices. Python SDK is used there as well. However the official support of the JAVA SDK stopped in February 2008, as the third party become available featured by the facebook-java-api. The curious fact is that the Social Network also contains some scenes created with the usage of PHP (2.0) applications.

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