The key tips for the Web portal development

Usually the users tend to come to the IT specialists with a following question of the time when they shall change the content management system into the portal. It wasn’t hard to give the appropriate answer, as the basic features of the right time to use the portal were the need to surface different applications, to login, run the personalization of the experience etc. However it’s not easy to define it nowadays and it has a little to do with the new trends available. During the effective web portal development the main vendors have taken enough time to move to this spot. The following example is the considerable illustration of the process.

The system of the Interwoven’s Livesite enabled the users not just to look through the given static content, as the personalization appeared to be really significant and easy-to-use. It took really long time for the Iwov, still the result was awesome with its flexibility and other available additions.

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Database applications in two styles

Martin Fowler, the well known enterprise applications consultant, revealed some information about the Iflexion database development. He tried to figure out of how they are related to the applications, and found it suitable to divide all the databases in two big groups. The first one appeared to be Application Database, while the other one was the Integration Database. The general difference between them was in the possibility to control the database and encapsulate it by using single database application only.

He found that not all people actually understand when and where the different styles of databases are being used. When being asked about the type of the current database integration, they usually get confused. However both forms of database applications carry their special features and shall be managed in a totally different way. Most people see the databases in the management communities as corresponding to the integration database type. This conclusion has been made for years and is rather typical nowadays. Still there’s a question some users still can’t give the right answer for. If we have a close look at the Integration Databases, they appear to have the large surface area for the interface as well as the tight connection in-between the interface and the implementation. The links within this database are stiff and hard to change if needed. They are brittle enough to be a problem for the user in case the fix shall be performed.

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