The main demands to the php application development

Category: PHP Development

The level of the knowledge needed for the successful PHP development is really high, as the technology is now improving rapidly. Here we offer the quick overview over the latest trends in this field. Let’s see what solutions appeared to be the best through the last five years.

The main platforms for the web development. The following technologies appeared to be finally selected: JAVA, PHP, Python, ASP, C#, .NET, ColdFusion, Perl and Ruby. These applications appeared to be the most successful and worth our attention of the PHP development.

The basic trends and demands

It was natural for JAVA and .NET to appear one of the most general technology items in the PHP development. About 3,5% web solutions are made through it, while JAVA obtains about 3% of them. Some developments of the applications not linked to the net are also taken into account. A bit less then half of the applications have to do something with web, others are client or server oriented. Still all of them are really close to each other.

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How to run the effective ecommerce web development

Category: Ecommerce

The question about the style of the conversion is common to the most of the online retailers, as it comes to them during the evolution of their business. Most people tend to think the optimal conversion will totally save their business and will draw the great number of customers to their shop. Still not all of them are aware of the best ways to run the adequate run the adequate commerce web development. If you started reading this article after seeing the title, you most likely hope for the conversion to be the panacea for all the business illnesses. Unfortunately we have to infirm you there’s no such sure in the world of the ecommerce web development.

The data tends to vary widely the moment you find it

The published conversion data is usually not so easy to find, the retailers rarely put all the efforts to check the data metrics and to offer the entire needed information.  So looking for the correct report there’s still possibility not to find one. The net offers a lot of resources, still if you look through the review, it will show nothing but the rough ranges and the most significant features.

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