Database application security – comparison of the MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

In the modern variety of the features offered by the databases the typical user may just get lost. As an example the popular Oracle has plenty of specialties and options, some of those are frequently used while the others might stay neglected. The feature that most users need in their daily business is the well-known ACID offering the set of compliant transactions. The best way is to choose the major functions like stored views, procedures or snapshots as well as table datatypes or transactions etc. As the Oracle, MySQL and Postgresql are the most frequently used programs, let’s discover the set of mostly used features in each of them.

It’s not a secret that every one of these databases has its own unique advantages and weak points. Learning the database programming, it’s important to keep in mind these features for the correct and effective work. Every database, even if we’re talking about the most reliable one, has some hidden troubles that not necessary fall into your eye from the first moment. Do not forget about the recent updates and patches the database obtains. Usually the open-source needs more attention then any code itself, so you will have to be much more patient here. The pressure of any community is much stronger then it usually is in the open-source area. Talking about the vendor can or some commercial space, the repair here is harder and much more expensive then the cost you will pay for the in-time fix.

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