Ten things the j6ee developer ought to know

Here we offer the list of questions about the web applications and their developing. The questions touch the set of modern technologies like JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, Spring, Struts, Java etc. The given answers are rather short yet understandable. They help to lead your thought in the correct direction. So, let’s start from the very beginning.

The questionnaire about j2ee development:

1) What is the main difference between Enterprise Java and the Core Java?
Answer: Talking about the Core Java we mean the thing providing the API in a form of the regular expression. It might be String, handling or collections. However the Enterprise Java has also the other features like secure and per-formant applications or writing scalable of them. The base the user obtains is much large as well.
2) When the problem is resolved, what do you do after?
Answer: The Root Cause Analysis shall be performed in this case, so the changes you’ve made in the application will avoid all the other parts of the modules.
3) What does the JSON mean for j6ee developer? Try to show the JSON as one of the Java objects.
Answer: In Java JSON plays the role of the local notation of an object. You may use it as Java object too.

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Mobile ecommerce solution: the best features and tips

Category: Ecommerce

Here we offer the salient points in the form of the list. The order has no actual meaning, as here are only five main points stated here.

1. The mobile homepage shall have the look of the roadmap, so here the visitors will be free to move through the other site.
The main thing that is important for analyzing the site sections is the navigation. The subcategories of the site shall be shown on the very first page. Put the main menu on the front page. Keep in mind the menu in the mobile interface can appear on top of at the bottom.

2. The homepage shall not have the look of the overstuffed wardrobe.
You have not idea what exactly people may want to find. As a part of your ecommerce solution you may try to offer as much options as possible, hoping the user will find something that falls into the customer’s eye; still this will most likely look awful on the mobile screen. The customer will just get lost and proceed to the other store.

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