What applications development shall look like?

Sometimes the application just refuses to perform the correct way. Usually we expect from the page in the internet to work fast and be as effective as possible. With a good connection it shall take no more then 30 seconds for the well-programmed web application.

Still some databases do not obtain enough performance issues and work rather slow for that reason. It’s usually easy to change the design of the application; still the database has usually a lot of applications downloaded. So if you opt to change its design, it might have drastic consequences.
Here are the main features you shall not forget if you really want to create a good database.
1) Variables that are bind. The query of the database shall be properly identified and optimized for the effective system work as database application.
2) Badly formed query. This might be the reason of significant problems in the SQL. Choose the adequate corresponding construct.

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The review of the Ruby on Rails application security

As we go on analyzing the new version of the well known Ruby in Rails, let’s pay the close attention to the security basis of the units. The fresh feature of the Rails 3 that draws all the attention is the XSS protection. While it has been the additional application before, nowadays it goes as a default one. The first use of this application was within Rails 2; still there the h method was used for application security.

<%= h @comment.text %>

The nature of the h method lies in the total escape from both html and JavaScript.  This way you can be sure no client-side code in any Ruby on Rails application was executed. Though this method is really effective one, still it has a huge disadvantage. The thing is that you must not forget to use the h method each time the user input appears on your screen. If you do not do it even one single time, you will appear to be opened for the extensive XSS attack.

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Java mobile development – the update from the Oracle

Oracle offers the users the new variant of the famous mobile client with the new framework. It took over two years to create it; still the up-to-date Java application is perfect to use on any mobile devices.

The application basics

The new applications created by the Oracle offer the wide range of the opportunities for the further development. Here the different mobile platforms may be used as well as various specific codes are available. Duncan Mills, the senior director of Oracle in the field of Fusion product management presents the update as the great step in Java mobile development.

The client enables different features including the browser for viewing the current application as well as small database for storing local information. The devices without Java can use the local Java runtime engine for the correct work.

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