The weak points of the system the web database developers shall know

It’s not easy to protect data nowadays; still you will be much more protected if you cover the most visible vulnerabilities. This way your data will be secure.

The main thing is that most of the databases are not protected enough from the very beginning and it’s your trouble to protect them well enough. The administrator shall review the base regularly and close the unneeded packages so they will not appear the hole to dig into the database. The most important is however the regular patch.

Here are the most valuable ten features you shall keep in mind.
1. The password. It shall be complicated enough for the intruders not to break it in a second, leaving your database revealed.
2. SQL. The SQL injection is one of the most popular ways to get to your data and spoil it. Web database developers shall teach the system to avoid accepting all the data coming from the users.

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Five ways of successful creation of the web application

The PHP is well known as one of the most popular languages for programming. Sometimes the PHP developers tend to rely on the language too much, as the result the mistakes can occur in the program. These five steps are made to help you to avoid the possible troubles of this kind.

Read the reports about the errors

The error reporting is your electronic consultant. It will reveal the mistakes while the programming, so you can correct them at once. Still if you ignore the reports, the errors will be visible for the site users through the same error report program. They will get to know really much about your site, including the facts you’d possibly want to hide.

The “Bad features” of the PHP shall be turned off

The wife range of features is basically included in the PHP to make the life of the web application developer easier. These PHP applications are the real miracle sometimes, still some of them give the unwanted consequences as well. With their help the bugs can enter your script and the secret data may be revealed. So secure the bad applications before you start working with the program.

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