How the portal development shall be performed

Comparing the Enterprise and Web 2.0 we can see the same problems in both systems. Basically the content explosion was fueled by the significant new media. Our basic ability to find and create the brand new content as well as the chance to make it all organized and retrievable is the most valuable in the sea of the IT data.

Looking from the portal developer’s point of view, the user is mostly in need of the strong strategy for the effective search. The search engine shall be not the single component of the success. The users have to be skilled enough in tagging and storing the needed data, so that these actions could be performed in the proper way. The special rules and processes are present in all the stages, and this means the people should better follow them so that their actions are effective enough. If you’re talking about the intranet, the search appears to be the one part technology, both for the people and the process.

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How the other ways of MySQL development can be picked up.

Many people tend to use MySQL every day, thus they need the system to work effectively. Here we offer the basic survey over the various types of this program depending on the company that released it. The healthiest MySQL is believed to be in the hands of Oracle. Still this type od the program is not the open source, still the open source programs seem to be the most wanted and valuable. However Oracle never tried to deal with the open source, so the company most likely holds to its natural course.

So who can perform the really best of the best software of this kind?

We assume it might be any firm that has the possibility to do MySQL development. The hosting based on shared infrastructures is popular today, still the developers do not think about it too often. The users tend to choose the database that is really comfortable to use. With it we can define two mostly common features:
– MariaDB, that obtains most features of the MySQL;
– PostgreSQL, that is also a nice alternative.

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