The main features of the .NET integration within the .NET programming concept.

The .NET integration became really valuable recently. Different people tend to work with different IT languages; also not every language can perform some special action. Anyway there are times when the combination is a must, still usually different languages do not link together all so nicely. They resemble the people of different countries who can not comprehend each others’ talk without the proper vocabulary. That is the base of the newest newest .NET programming feature. The set of special applications enables the IT languages to be mended together in one working system. Let’s consider what languages are mostly popular today.

First of all it’s C++, the well known language and the OOP. It is featured as the basic object-oriented feature, being driven from the C language. You can come across VC++ as well. Here you will be able to use the integrated environment created by Microsoft. This addition is simpler in usage and offers the set of special libraries. VC++ enables the visual programming.

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The basic Java programming tips and rules

1) If one class appears to be extending the other with the defined method, the method itself might be overridden and get the same name in the final list or arguments.

2) Any method you’re trying to define within the base class shall stay visible. If it will not be this way, the method while being derived might not be considered overridden version. Sometimes it may be even treated the way the normal method usually is.

3) If you’re working with the name of method and arguments list, you shall perform the same for overriding and overridden methods. When you come to the return type, do not hesitate to use the co-variant. In case the return method reached the super-class and appeared to be Map, the return one shall be HashMap.

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