The basics of the Intranet portal development

There are powerful features of the enterprise, such as blogging, podcasting, wikiing, bookmarking in the social sources etc. This is the way for the employees to gain the certain knowledge.

To tell the truth, the Enterprise 2.0 is working for considerably longer time then the Intranet 2.0. You can find quite a few of discussions around Enterprise 2.0 in the web. There are a lot of people who didn’t get in touch with this program yet; however we shall admit that the Enterprise 2.0 is really much like Intranet 2.0. The great difference is that one version is capitalized while the other is not. So you can see the other one is potentially bigger.

Intranet portal development offers the set of new abilities to the users, letting them feel freer and at ease while performing their daily actions. The life with these programs is better, and you’ll definitely feel it from the very first step.

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How to keep the bugs off the code while the PHP programming

Category: PHP Development

The developers tend to constantly search for the ways of how to debug the code for the web pages. The wide range of techniques created for debugging are helpful. Still here we offer the basic five tips that are already proven as the most effective ones. They also let you do make the – coding much faster; all of them are tested and approved.

PHP debugging in live.

The PHP developers are free to use the inbuilt editor for the debugging process. Some of then will not let you make the debugging in live mode, so you will need to open the browser for the correct work. If you write the needed command, the errors will be reported in the line. This can also help with eliminating the small human errors in the code.

Xdebug and its profit.

The error messages such as function traces or stack traces created while the PHP programming, can be easily found by Xdebug. This application will help you to protect the code. The special debug client can run the protection in the interactive mode.

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The specialties of Ruby on rails web programming for the Ruby on Rails 3 addition

If you’re going to start your work with this program, you can barely do it without the complete understanding of the application architecture, which is performed by Model–View–Controller.

Ruby applications architecture

Let’s check each of the items closely. The Models are usually dealing with the data storage as well as all kinds of business logic. Views section performs all the actions with the active layers, while the Controllers are responsible for cooperation of the Models and Views. To keep it all simple, let’s say that Views is the part for your HTML code generation, Models deal with your database and Controllers link both these parts for the successful work. Due to the controllers the user gets a set of options to choose what to do out of the processor possibilities.

According to the ruby on rails programming point of view, the Actions are basically the parts of any controller. Any Action itself is a small discrete set of the functionality. In other words the moment you choose your application, Rails chooses the right Action to perform according to your request. With it you can easily make the well-structured and clean code that will have as few bugs as it’s actually possible.

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