The modern trends of the Java software development

The Java with all its modularity appears to be the hot topic for the last years in the IT society. The following steps have been already made, starting from the JSR 277 to JSR 291, JSR 294 and the evolution is still continuing. The modularity is needed on all the stages performed. Here we are going to pay close attention to the modularity itself.

What does the modularity mean?

Talking about the modularity we mean the general concept of the modern software. It this case the particular modules are being developed and gain the standard type of the interface. Different modules may communicate successfully this way. Actually the actions of separation performed in the OO language are much alike the previously mentioned modules, still in this case the larger scale is used. If you run the system portioning, you’re able to minimize the coupling process, so the maintaining of the code and general Java software development will be easier as well.

Basically the Java language was not designed to be used in modules. Still in fact the modules are the part of it nowadays, so you can see them in closed-source and open-source applications of different kinds.

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CMS Project investments in the field of the web content management

A lot of organizations obtaining the small and middle size have to drop most of their resources to keep in touch with the customers. For this they tend to turn to the customer service strategy. The major priority for the company appears to keep the service of the existing customers on the high level. They sure thing pay attention to attracting the new customers, however it’s much less priority. The main reason for it is that the main course for the customer’s attention to stay focused on the company products. The economy tends to awaken nowadays, so the concentration shifts from the initiatives focused on the customers, to the whole customer groups in web content management. As the result the investments given into the CMS projects is popular again. Here are some reasons to gear up the CMS projects:

Lead the generation improvement and pay attention to customer experience as well as to the awareness of the market. Many companies use the web to search and analyze the current products and the situation on the market. The customers tend to do just the same. The web properties in the limits of the web content management are nowadays the key source for getting the needed data about the companies and organizations. It’s also the perfect way to get the actual lead in business.

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Application security enhancements within JavaOne 2010 presentation

The conference of the JavaOne 2010 was partially dedicated to the question of the application security enhancements, concerning the new Java EE 6.

This program has been presented to the users a year ago and obtains the list of the significant enhancements, most of them appearing in the areas of the annotation, those like authorization and authentication in the Internet. So if the field of your interest lies in the lightweight web applications, still the EJB components is definitely not your choice, you may opt for implementing the authentication and the aspects of the authorization within the Controller classes (Servlets) for application security enhancements.

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