The modern .NET solutions used in mobile application programming

Basically all of them were designed as the native applications for the systems like Windows Mobile. In other words NET CF is actually the subset of Microsoft’s entire .NET platform. On the other hand the .NET CF goes on preloading CLR (a.k.a. Common Language Runtime) engine in the memory of the chosen device. It does so in order to facilitate mobile-application deployment. If we look closer at the underlying device’s op­erating system while it’s being operated with CLR, we can see it allows the total integration of the set of native components into application while the mobile application programming.

The basic features

Generally the .NET CF runtime is really similar to the JVM  (a.k.a. Java virtual machine). No more need to write the code for the chosen underlying operating system, now all you need is to write man­aged code, placing there the targets to the managed ex­ecution environment. The code is originally designed and fully developed to support several languages in all the operating systems. This way it’s now possible to reach even the extended developer base for reusing of existing libraries.

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The benefits and disadvantages of the PHP developer tools compared to the X programming

Category: PHP Development

Many PHP programmers tend to use particularly this language for the definite reason. Here we offer the benefits of the PHP comparing to the other IT languages.

- Not enough features in the PHP.
The PHP language is primary centered for Web needs. So the basic complains are coming from the lack of features that are not needed for the web.

- The PHP doesn’t provide the support that is object oriented.
The tendency to decline the language because of the lack of OOP support is rather old-fashioned. In the modern PHP you will not HAVE to use any of the objects at all.

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The most popular ecommerce trends featured in the 2010

Category: Ecommerce

The last year appeared to be offer the most tremendous progress in the flied of the Internet. Nobody expected the Internet will offer such a great breakout, so many people got interested about the innovations of the current 2011 year. The interest touched all the features of the ecommerce trends like SEO, ecommerce, website design etc. Some trends of the ecommerce got the most close attention, here we state them in a list:

Mobile commerce.

The smart phones get more and more popular on the IT market, they were the hit of the 2010 and go on developing. More customers prefer the smart phone to the ordinary one, the website owners tend to create their sites in the mobile versions as well as it’s the perfect opportunity for the business matters.

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