The basics of the social network software

The main purpose to get the social network is to be able to connect to different people online. They can be in the same room or in the other part of the world still the connection shall be normal and steady. With it you can get to know the people from the other countries and even the continents. The bare fact of interacting with people across the world is amazing itself; still with the help of the social network software the process will be even more exciting.

The best of the abilities in this matter is the option to send messages without revealing the personal information.

This helps to avoid the SPAM in your mailbox. If some of these letters got to your mailbox, use the powerful anti-SPAM filter to get rid of them in the future. Perhaps you will get some messages, but it will be much less of them. Your privacy will be kept on the high level.

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How can Java development and the .NET development be combined?

As the Java language had just been created, it was features as the brand new technology with awesome ability to make the site more alive. Nowadays nobody is so crazy about this language anymore. Still is offers much more options then just the better quality if the internet page. You can populate your page with Java and get the needed platform. The system messages are also available as well as the relations with other databases or mainframes. The most important is the fact the possibilities the Java language offers are growing literally every day. The community enhances rapidly.

The new .NET language announced about six years ago has been tremendous and awesome. But nowadays people just tend to use .NET language as the daily feature of their work. There have been actually two significant releases of this language. The result was offered in three languages the IT specialists know: C#, C++ and Visual Basic. They are ideal for tiers for clients and server as well as most types of management. The next steps planned by Microsoft are the NetFX 3.0 made for using on Vista as well as some other features for the local OS.

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What is the future for Java application development?

In May 2008 the following article was written by Jeff Friesen, “Are applets making a comeback?” It was the time the new updates for Java Plug-in were ready to be performed along with the Java SE 6 Update 10.

The applet history

“The applets has been put aside lately, most of people performing performing java application development do not use them anymore, they are rare guests in the RIA as well. We had a talk with the well known Sun engineers and customers; however they both consider the named applet to be premature. Moreover, many users state it might be just too late for the applets at all. Many developers who worked with Java had to give up on this application on clients’ side. They preferred to use slicker technologies that come into their hands and do not force to go and chase them down.

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