Mobile applications development based on the platform of Adobe Flash Lite

If you’re dealing with the graphics-intensive phone or some PDA application, the Flash Lite platform may suit you the best way. Even if you’re having some other kind of mobile application, it’s easy nowadays to switch to this one desirable by the most of the devel­opers working with the Flash for their desktop.

What’s so special about the Adobe Flash Lite?

This software is well known for its rapid development, which is its mostly valuable feature. Its interface is comparably easy and allows you to start your work from the very first moments. It supports various files, including video, images, animation and sounds. The runtime in installation is comparably broad, as the small files are used here, all of them being based on the vector graphics. Talking about the Flash Lite 2.x, you can deal with the compressed SWF files, and working in Flash Lite 3.0 you’re opened to the native Flash video (FLV).

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The things the ECM developers need to know for the effective work

The enterprise created as a cloud (so called CECM) has considerably more toddler nature within the world of the IT professionals. Its potential is well known as well as its tremendous stability. The future of this particular program is rather bright, as the specialists say.

Sure thing the CECM is not the only one possible option, as here we’ve got more questions then the correct and checked answers. Still we were able to figure out some sort of the most valuable features the user shall know before starting the work with the following software. As EDM developers are using the cloud systems on regular basis, we address the following concerns to the known internal projects.

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Ecommerce trends for 2011

Category: Ecommerce

Here are the main ecommerce trends that are rather significant this year. However not all of them were shown in the list. These are:

Sites for private sales – here the membership is free or paid and offers the access to the unique goods.

Virtual goods and electronic currencies. You can use the virtual credits to buy some services within the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

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