Java application security by Google

The famous Google decided to borrow the technique from the Eiffel and added the special Design-By-Contract functionality as the way of protecting from the buffer overflow attacks in Java.

The announcement was made on Friday, the company proclaimed its engineers are working on the project and the results are ready to be shown soon. The new functionality received the name Contracts a.k.a. DBC (Design-By-Contact).

The implementation also got the special name Cofoja, which is actually the shortened version of the Contract for Java.

The author of the renovation appeared to be Johannes Rieken. The primary goal was to ease the programming and to strengthen the Java application security. This way the developers will get the perfect protection from the buffer overflow attacks which become more recent nowadays.
This kind of compromise is the oldest one; still it’s effective enough to be used. According to Microsoft statistics, there were over two and a half million of possible attacks registered, each of those could be waged with the help of the Java Runtime Engine.

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The main PHP development trends

Category: PHP Development

The future of the PHP 6 development

was planned and appeared to be rather significant. Finally the agreement was successfully reached within the group of the PHP Internals. They decided to choose the PHP 6 as the main target instead of the PHP 5.3 that is already very popular as well.

This was am interesting shift that managed to draw the attention of the php developers all over the world. The main focus on the PHP 6 was usually because of the Unicode-compliant engine that was the part of the language itself. Still for the last months the development of the PHP 6 was rather slow, and that was what made the people question if the decision was the correct one.

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The top world trends of portal deployment

Here we are ready to discuss the main trends of the web portals taken by the most significant companies of the world. Most of them were mentioned on the Global Benchmarking Meeting that took place recently and gathered the great crowd of specialists in this field.

The whole branch of the local Forum was dedicated to the Intranet portals, as most of the visitors had the intimate knowledge of the up-to-date trends in this field. They were doing their best to figure out where the trends were heading and how did they affect the work of the whole organization. To play this game they had to know the rules. Before reading this, keep in mind that the Forum itself was not meant to be the consultancy, so the consultants didn’t take part in it as well as the leading technical vendors. So you can be sure the information given here is clear and free from any advertisement notes of the company representatives.

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