The best UI design is usually the simple one

Some of the features the UI (User Interface) professionals speak about sometimes look like being too difficult to grasp all their aspects. So keep in mind – the simpler, the better. Decide what you leave and what not, let only the really important features for the users’ attention.

The most important thing for your practice is so called progressive disclosure. Hide the menus and links the user doesn’t currently need. Give the user enough free space to work, and do not offer so many choices the user will get lost in them.

Let’s consider the Dropbox as an example of the good UI design. Here you can find a lot of commands; still the interactive state will have the following look:

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What JCP means for the world Java development

What is the difference between JCP and JSR? What is the meaning of the Executive Committee?

The brand new version of popular Java is available due to the JCP (Java Community Process). The new aspects of the well known technology are placed in the standardized documents, which are given in the whole set at once. They are generally called JSR, which means Java Specification Requests. They basically include the following features:
– RI, which is Reference Implementation;
– TCK, which is Testing Compatibility Kit.

To refer to JSRs in easier way you can use their basic numbers, for example you can define their generics, like those of JSR 14, while JSR 317 was linked to Java Persistence API (JPA) v2.0. You can even find the JSR that refers to the latest version of Java. JSR 336 is a great example, as it refers to Java SE 7 as the key to further further Java development.

The Executive community is the main body of the basic standards of Java represented by JSRs. They are the key feature for choosing interested parties as well as exceptional individuals and even the number of corporations. They include the set of programs such as Fujitsu, Red Hat, Google, Oracle, IBM, etc.

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The choice between the document management system and the portal

Most of the companies creating software tend to provide the Portal applications and the Document Management. In some cases both these features are mixed to provide the confident consolidated approach for the users obtaining the data. Usually the content store follows each and every portal product, still the management applications of the enterprise level content was never created yet. The Document Content Management provides Content Management applications. This is how they tend to obtain the capabilities that are rather Portal-like. However it has never been and will never be the real portal replacement.

The past years offered the basically clear process for the strategy of the implementation in the document management system. The best approach might be from the CMS side or from the position of the portal. The dependencies between the two types of technologies are rather strong; still we will try to define which technology appeared to be the first.

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Ruby on rails development team comments the final release of the Rails 3.0.7

The most savored news nowadays is that Rails version 3.0.7 was finally offered to the authority. Ruby on rails development team gave the throughout characteristic to the updates of the platform for Ruby on Rails 3.0.7 web application.

The main course of the release itself is to make the necessary fixing in the regression of the performance in ActiveRecord. That was the main disadvantage of the previous 3.0.6 version.

The following changes have been introduced: for the well known TL;DR made for the commits, the CHANGELOG entries appeared in the project.

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