How to run an effective bi solution

The business potential can be literally unleashed by the correct business intelligence solution. Here is the list of four main things for you to avoid the pitfalls and create effective programs to meet your business needs completely.

Fix who is actually responsible for your bi solutions. If you want it to be successfully implemented, so that your business would be shared with responsibility and respect, take your time to create the definite demarcation of the areas. This way the investment decisions and priorities will be fixed, so that the technology will be used in the correct and checked way. The technical support provided by IT will offer the needed tech support as well as the required kind of implementation.

You might need to build BICC (BI Competence Center). Here the main BI solutions will be solved by IT and the local representatives of business, mostly company partners and stakeholders in line-of-business field.

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New databases for NoSQL applications

The database choice was particularly easy no more then three years ago. The people with a significant budget opted for Oracle. The fans of Microsoft run the installation of the SQL Server. The specialists with zero budget opted for MySQL. It was easy to choose between these three options.

Now the times have changed. The new projects appear faster then the users can actually comprehend what they’re dealing with. Most of the projects just do not follow the basic rules of safety thus offer practically no protection the Read more