What’s new in ecommerce development in 2012?

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Most people know the eCommerce had changed greatly in the past several years. There was over 13% growth in 2010 that was significant for that period, while the traditional retail grew no more then 3%. As we can see, the difference was quite visible.

The year 2010 was known for its great changes in the landscape of the Internet, mostly due to the growth of the social web networks. With all these changes the retailers kept looking for the new way of business implications, which is why more strict approach was demonstrated in the early 2011. The new feature appeared to be the multichannel retailing, including the use of social networks as well.

So, what shall we await from the ecommerce software?

Multichannel policy.

The modern retailers are going to view their customers rather close in order to let them see the retailers as well. The competitive environment full of on-demand resources pushes the retailers to offer more services like delivery and a lot more.

The Explosion of the Conversional Marketing.

Here the main goal of the ecommerce  development is to turn the shoppers into the real customers. This includes the Add-on feature allowing the users to buy easier and in less time.

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What advantages can the business portal development obtain for online business

The popularity of business portals is growing constantly as the people crave to expand their business to every spot on the Earth. The new information about the products is published by business owners, their prices and applications become accessible to the users and the popularity grows constantly.

The concept of B2C (business to customer) portal is rather popular today, as it can do the instant impact on the global business features, improving the effectiveness and rising the sales. More traffic is also the result of the portal existence. So let’s see what actually the B2C portal is and  how do Iflexion portal developers work with it?

What is so called B2C Portal?

This is the commercial platform where the e-commerce transactions among businesses take place.
Here you can easily exchange the product information and deliver them to the users, so they know where to buy or purchase your goods. This is also the place for the user to get the direct connection with the product sellers.

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