Happy Merry Christmas from Iflexion!

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The Web development company Iflexion wish you Merry Christmass and Happy New Year! We wish you health, wealth and happiness and to have the bright and unforgettable party with your family and friends. Let these days to be shiny and greet the holidays with a smile on your face!

Special warm greetings from the writers of this blog. From now on we start publishing the main web development trends for 2012, so be ready to stay up-to-date. Let’s have a good time and make the next year even better!

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What’s new can Java 7 developers get in the program?

A long awaited improvement of Java can be seen by developers in the 7th version of the program.

The first appearance of Java7 on the big stage wasn’t too successful. Several bugs were found in the process of the final testing, so the famous Java SE 7 was offered in Update 1 release soon after the presentation. However the program still can offer the full range of capabilities important to modern Java developers. Here you can find the boosts improvement for manual programming as well as a lot of sound applications, multicore systems and of course enticing capabilities.

The official release of Java SE 7 appeared to be really long awaited by Java 7 developers as this was the first complex update in more then five years. It also appeared to be the first update created under the stewardship of the Oracle. The dynamic languages were seriously improved, and same goes for the file system.

A lot of new features were purposely delayed by the politics of Java community.

James Gosling known as Java founder couldn’t take enough part in creating Java SE 7, as his ways of upgrading came across the views of his Oracle colleagues. He is sure the program is shipped and most of Java developers will definitely feel the inertia of the passed five years.

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The latest trends in 2011-2012 the web application developer needs to know

Web design has no barriers nowadays. All you need is to experiment a lot and to be really creative when making your particular application programming. The main goal is to get the attention of the visitors so that they get to your site again and again. Every day offers the new possibility for the designer to offer some new option or variation. And this is when all the new trends shall get the most attention. The year 2010 brought a lot of new features to the community of designers. Still let’s pack away the old trends and see what’s new on the market.

Taking the first cautious step into tomorrow, we run the analysis of the current web designs and defined the particular changes. The modern designers are more interested in the site’s functionality then in its beautiful looks. That is why it’s really hard to predict the correct evolution in the application programming for web design.

Here we will take a look at the changes and new trends offered by the leading web application developers. The basic ones will be listed below for your consideration. We have chosen those that involve the visual approach as well as new elements of design. we hope it will help you to create the modern functional web resource.

1. CSS3 + HTML5

This is the mostly shocking trend as from now on CSS3 will be tightly linked with HTML5 without the regular Flash features that usually were the breathtaking design elements.

2. Go For Simple Color Schemes

Now the simplicity rules when it comes to the choice of colors, the truly remarkable yet simple solutions are welcome by the web application developers.

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