Three basic trends of content management 2012

The 2011 year is getting more and more exciting after time. It is because of the new automation technology business that offer the steady workflow with their new accounts payable (AP) and of course accounts receivable (AR). The content management of these documentations is what took my close attention.

I’m actually rather gratified with the integration of these two parties that is seen in a lot of companies nowadays. The ERP (enterprise resource planning) offers the great solution like Microsoft Dynamics.

According to my previous words ERP offers the best position to the AP automation with its integration. The significant empowering of the C-suite is able not only to make a sound and informed decision. The measurable return can also be driven on the ERP investment of the current organization.

Along the past year the cross industry offered a lot of parallels in the field of the automation, where the need for delivering it was cultivated. Now it’s done in more them one single way to address as wide array of businesses as possible. After 2011 it’s rather clear about the three main AP and AR forms of documents are shaping already.

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Latest Trends for 2012 in web application design. Part 2

Let’s get back to the Latest Trends for 2012 in web application design

4. Typography

This trend is considered to be the most difficult one perhaps that is the reason for it to remain fresh till the 2012. Despite all the following the latest tendencies the web site developers are just too afraid to use the new fonts in their work. The idea of the crazy fonts’ mixture gets them into the utter shock. Still fonts are going to be mixed and twisted in this trend. Still the statistics shows clearly the site with the Typography design is more interesting to the users then the one with a lot of pictures.

Main Idea: Typography will soon be the leading part in the website development for fashion industry.

5. Layouts in the one page

When performing this kind of layout you will have to throw away all the unnecessary data. In 2012 we will see rather minimal approach in this trend; the websites will de more like business cards.

Main Idea: One page layouts are going to play the role of personal web profile.

6. Huge Images

This is much similar to huge headers announced for the web site developers. The visual impact of this image is mostly the same, so you can be sure the visitor will remember your site. However the images are not the part of the site concept while the huge headers are. The site’s tone will be conveyed, and the given images will draw the visitors to the site.

Main Idea: Huge images will play the role of the invitation card.

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