How to choose the most suitable NoSQL databases?

It doesn’t look like the answer will be an easy one. Most shops will be completely satisfied with any of the versions, even if they end up with the worst possible selection. It’s not easy to choose the best as all the good database developers will try to balance perfectly the support availability, the project strength and of course the code and documentation quality offered in the particular database.

The most noticeable divergence we can see in the extras. Most of them tend to store a lot of keys with the encrypted values; still the most important is how they spread data across the accessible servers and how effective they can run the changes across all of them. The hosting question is no less important. The cloud service will be the most suitable if you’re seduced by the clear maintenance.

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Application security of .NET Framework 4

.Net Framework 4.0 is the latest example of the .Net development with the serious innovations in security field. There we can see the completely new policy known as Security Transparency. Now it’s the default mechanism.

So what Application Security does the Security Transparency policy offer? First of all it enables you to use the modern Security transparent code, which basically consists of three main parts:
– sandboxing
– permissions
– enforcement

Speaking about sandboxing we usually mean the creation of the isolated domain with the code to be treated in a form of fully trusted version. The other code will get the restricted permission to the sandbox. The code that was chosen to be opened to the sandbox is usually considered to be mostly transparent.  This way you won’t change it while the process of the .Net development.

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Latest Trends for 2012 in web application design. Part 3

Now we finish the talk about 2012 trends in web application design

9. Modal Boxes

The modal boxes are popular as a part of the as a part of web apps development. They will appear on most of the sites in 2012. They’re not the same as popups; they are rather smooth and welcoming with the higher usability.

Main Idea: Modal boxes will put the traditional popups aside 2012 designs.

10. Minimalism

The minimalism in 2012 will differ much from the traditional one. Bold types and surprising colors will rule the world. The black-and-white schemes will be left in the past. The fresh colors will add some life to this trend.

Main Idea: Minimalism will offer the bright opportunities for web application developers.

11. Oversized Footer

Oversized footers will play the similar role as the huge headers. It’s going to be the part of the site design; they might now have random information including media updates, polls, feeds etc.

Main Idea: Oversized Footers will offer personal information.

12. Retro

And again we return to retro design. This kind of solution in web apps development is rather difficult yet attractive. The key features are going to be the playfulness and inspirational design. In 2012 this trend will be full of vintage art.

Main Idea: Retro is back.

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