Dependencies in PHP application development

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Usually the project needs the definite support to work correctly, mostly if it involves frameworks. There are many libraries in the open source nowadays; they definitely help to save the time. However the new problem appears about dependencies management. Here we offer some thoughts about the ways of salvation by using so called DLL Hell.

Nearly each PHP team uses management tools with the external references to SVN and Git. Still they mostly suit for device management, but not quite for dependencies. They can be forced into this action but sooner or later they will definitely fail. You won’t avoid it no matter what you do for PHP outsourcing; now let me prove my point of view.

Systems for version control

svn:externals was one of the most popular systems for SVN for the past few years. git submodule was the one usually used for GIT. The vey first problem we had to face in our PHP application development was that both programs were only able to support the same type of given referencing repositories. That was the reason GIT appeared to be rather dependent in the current SVN project. Today it will become the real problem, while most people already tend to use GitHub instead of SVN.

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Four Myths about Document Management

The solutions on the market of the document management offer the list of benefits related mostly to business productivity and efficiency. It can work with the business of all sizes and in various industries. Here we offer four myths about the documents and the ways of dispelling the mistakes.

Myth #1: The choice of the companies lies between the cloud-based OR and management deployment on-premise.

Actually the cloud is the solution offering new flexibility options to the businesses. However on-premise software is offering the dominant deployment model as well as the list of benefits. And the thing is that both ways are nicely possible in combination. Any organization can use the technology with on-premise investments with the advantages of the clouds for document management software.

Myth #2:  The compliance might be granted by the expensive complex solutions only.

The solutions might be financially affordable and easily customized yet very effective. The total compliance is rather important for the organization there the recording process made in a specific manner is a must.

Consider the popular standard ISO usually used for Quality Management System in enterprise document management. They are usually related to the records made in electronic form with the significant signatures for enterprise document management.

If you manage to maintain the massive audit trail of most activity of the following documents, you will see the individuality of the activity tracked. So the document shall be easy-to-use and all the way configurable. This is the perfect way to save your funds.

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