Database security: things a good compliance officer ought to know

Starting the article, I decided to assume most people are already common with the database development and the details of its organization. Still I realized in the process that sometimes people dealing with the data protection aren’t really well informed about a lot of needful things. As we speak about databases, not all the developers actually know the aspects of the database security, as well as some issues that are security related can easily pass them. Moreover some databases are literally full of rather sensitive information.

So why would the companies through away awesome sums of money to keep their desktops and perimeters secure? Here are the main reasons to do so:

1. “I don’t see so I don’t care”. Usually the databases won’t get our attention unless they get slow or break down.

2. “Cat in a box”. Most compliance officers have no idea, what does actually happen inside the database aside from getting the needed information out of it.

3. “Welcome if you get access”. The feature of DBA is that they stay secure as long as you have the access, they will just go on tuning the performance of the database.

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Mobile solution for CRM from Iflexion

The really great feature about the CRM is its mobility. During the first part of 2011, there were more smart-phones sold then all the PCs. That was the obvious sign of the shift in the work of an average man. Now you can rely on you smart-phone in all cases from accessing your contacts to dealing with any materials needed for your work. This data is now easily accessible due to the mobile CRM. The businessmen though prefer to take the mobility in various ways. It’s not always the ability to get the needed data in any point of the world. Smart-phones are not usually handy just outside your office. They can be in a great help when you’re away from your desk, in the warehouse, in the market hall etc.  It will be handy even if you’re in the delivery vehicle.

Mobile programming solution in a form of CRM is the must-have thing for sales people. With it they will have the possibility to enter the sales data right on the stop where the client sends it. No more need to head back to the office and get the new information there. However the people of other professions can use it in their work and free time.

Imagine you have a meeting with your distributor. You can easily check the latest trends, the quality of product on the market so you can make perfectly informed purchase.

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Iflexion Java developers deal with Eclipse

Years have passed in tries to accommodate the platforms like AJAX and PHP for the needs of Eclipse foundations. Finally they decided to return to proved Java option.

The long awaited Indigo will be finally released by Eclipse pretty soon; there the Iflexion java developers will see the main ideas of their loveliest software. According to Mike Milinkovich, this application is the best present for these users from Eclipse Company. It was announced on Tuesday afternoon. The director was sincerely glad the company gets back to its roots.

The organization with multiple open source tools had the genuine tradition to release the various technologies on the same date at once. The last release train got the name Helios.

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