New social software for publishing

No matter if you’re product company or just some new consumer, the brand new media publisher with a modern author to introduce or even the global agency financed by the government, you will take your time building the certain online interactions. In other word you will become the social publisher in order to get your success and steady audience.

Media content distribution allows you to respond to the main market changes in almost no time. The modern social software will impose possible technical barriers to the newest products’ introduction. Content management allows you to deliver the most actual information to the users and customers. The program is known as TCO for the shorten version of Open Source Social Publishing.

Three main approaches were fixed after the long period of experimentation, where a lot of technological options were involved. These appeared to be:

–          proprietary products (including license charges, fees and other pricings);

–          platforms known as “white labeled” ones (the outsource is decided by the organization);

–          the open source.

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Dependencies in PHP application development. Part2

Category: PHP Development

Here we’re back to the topic of dependencies in PHP application development

Let’s consider the tools made to ease your PHP outsourcing.

One of the most popular ones appeared to be Apache Maven. It’s the best choice for those who uses Java. Here you will get all the functions of the dependency manager and even more, still it won’t be cozy in case of using this program for several projects at once as it might appear to be overcomplicated. Some might think about it as the result of lacking experience of the PHP developers team, still it’s mostly because of not too attractive tools.

PEAR is yet another nice option; still you will need some external libraries for it as well. The well known composer project is nice solution as it can be the real salvation for most of dependency problems. Still it’s not actually fully developed yet, so is not exactly reliable. Perhaps we need some more time to decide there.

Symphony2 is a nice way of PHP application development offering a creative approach and having deps file for definition of where the dependencies are. The program is rather light and easy-to-use. Feel free to extend it any way you find suitable.

Things you need to know

As the popularity of Symphony2 is growing constantly, a lot of attention is still paid to GitHub. However this project is not always working in fully correct way as far as I had discovered. For example I had one of the bundlers to fail and smash down all the integration efforts in a moment.

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