Business Intelligence Solutions 2012

There are a lot of possible Business Intelligence solutions 2012 that are announced to the audience. Let’s get closer look at the most reliable self-service solutions used in various business fields in order to optimize their analysis and make the correct decision suitable for business. The latest solutions are built upon the HP’s infrastructure and can be successfully applied to Microsoft software as well as to the particular Microsoft SQL Server. You can feel free to use also Microsoft SharePoint which can get easily installed and successfully configured by any qualified IT specialist in the term of less then a full hour.

This year Business Intelligence solutions help to reduce the time the managers usually have to spend on operate the standard business solution. These programs are now easier in use and faster in work. They allow the managers to economy their time and keep all the important information together for the effective analysis.

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Four main myths about document management solutions for small business

During the last several years the usage of the electronic documents has rapidly increased. Yet not all the people know of their specifications. They tend to mix them up with the things like file management or the enterprise content management or anything else. So now we offer four main myths about the business application development.

Myth # 1: I do not need to have the document management system separated if I have Windows file management.

Thing is that Windows Explorer can only help you to manage the current files, still this is nothing more but the basic tool. You will not be able to store custom metadata or meet the requirements of your organization unless you have the special program. With it you will also get a lot of ways to do the daily operations, so you will be able to choose the most suitable one and economy your time. Moreover you will be free to create the links between the offered documents.

Myth # 2: Document management solutions are not for small business.

The reality is not even close to this statement. The small business companies also operate with money and resources, which is why they do need the ways to ease the routine paperwork and to search, punch and retrieve the current documents. All the companies have their own document management systems development which shall be mostly available by one single click.

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