The future of Ruby on Rails programming

The future of Ruby on Rails language is rather clear now. This language is one of the most developed in the IT field, which is why a lot of online applications are created with its help. Various developers tend to use this particular language for creating their programs, this is rather comfortable as the popular language is well known by the different developers and they can pass the programs to each other to upgrade or make some valuable changes.

The language has the simple syntax, which is why it’s not too hard to learn and use it. The awesome amount of tutorials helps greatly as well. The online developers consider the language to be rather handy to use, mostly for the ability to include the small ready parts of the code. With this even the experienced developer feels like saving a lot of time, while the beginner gets this option as a true salvation as now he doesn’t have to write all the code on his own.

There are regular updates in the software as the future of Ruby on Rails programming, which is why the developers appreciate dealing with this new application.

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Ten top-hints for the effective ecommerce solution the professional ecommerce developer shall use.

Category: Ecommerce

The ten main features listed below are the most valuable for running the effective ecommerce in the form of the web store:

Existing resources shall be compatible. It’s not easy to run the commercial website nowadays if you don’t obtain the possibility to change the features of the existing system. If the software you’ve chose can be easily linked to the existing hardware of your own including the operating system, you will experience no problems.

The existing data shall be easily imported in the range of ecommerce solution. This is really valuable in aces you’ve got a long list of products and have no intention to download them one by one manually.

The link beaten the Legacy Application and the APIs shall be performed by the ecommerce developer. The really challenging feature here is the link of the finance system and the inventory management.

The ability to work with the virtual shopping cart. This is the basic instrument of the ecommerce, as the customers use it to perform the actual orders and buy goods.

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Windows Azure Cloud for Java

A lot of people think that it is not possible to run Java on Windows Azure at all. Still a lot of financial services that are based on Java are already in full use or in the production process.
According to Microsoft Java is the “first class citizen on Windows Azure”. Here we try to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of using Java on the platform of Windows Azure.

Is Windows Azure a good choice?

For the last ten years Java is considered to be a popular platform. A lot of organizations made the considerable investments in the Java code and thus gave job for hundreds of men doing Iflexion java application development.
Some of them are not too cheap to host ads they need more recourses and server space. The cloud is a nice way to make the infrastructure a bit simpler.
The reason for SQL and Windows Servers to be the preferable hosting platform was the demise of Sun Microsystems.

Web applications for Java

Usually the applications of Java were implemented with the use of servelets. The Java Server Pages can also run in the containers of the following types: JBOSS, Tomcat, Jetty.
There several solutions offered by Windows in order to install the web stacks. These are Windows Azure Jetty Solution Accelerator and Windows Azure Tomcat Solution Accelerator.

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