Create the perfect UI design for your website

The invasion of the internet revolution appeared to be affecting every person in the current generation. Most people can’t imagine their living without the regular usage of the Internet. That is why modern online shopping, games, topics etc. are so popular.

The main role of the website is to allow the user to deal with the daily online business without any special training. Thus the intuitively recognizable interface is really important here. The usual interface is the link between the user and the person running the. The UI designer is intended to help the user in his daily needs. If the site has a good and clear interface it will definitely draw people’s attention and get a lot of traffic. The progressive design will significantly improve the interaction of the users online.

The features of a good UI design:

Nice bold look.
The site shall catch the eye from the very first moment. It shall be really appealing.

Fast loading.
Most people crave to get everything in a click time. If it takes much time for the site to load, the user will switch the attention to the other resource. Ensure your site is not a heavy one.

Easy navigation.
Be sure the user can get the needed information with minimal efforts. Let the impression of your site to be positive.

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Enterprise software development gets the features of mobile development.

According to the new survey over 73 percent of developers plan to extend their enterprise to mobile devices during the next year.

The inevitable part of the apps development is the extending of the enterprise application to the modern mobile devices. The researches of the Evans Data showed this development as growing in prominence. They are sure the applications will get an important place in the modern development process.

The mobile development by Iflexion offers the definite statistics. About 40% of developers offer the significant type of mobile development that is targeted on the mobile devices. 73% of these people consider extending their enterprise apps to the modern mobile devices within the next year.

This looks like the definite problem for the huge enterprises, as now they will have to target not on PC but the mobile devices of all kinds. During the presentation a lot of new facts were offered. According to the recent company surveys a lot of topics were covered from the software methods of ranging to the modern cloud computing. The most quantity of enterprise software development specialists is awaited to be in India by 2015. There will be more of them then in USA.

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Virtualized application development

It’s not easy to choose the appropriate application to be run on any virtual server. Most Iflexion application developers consider carefully what to choose, so let’s see which applications are the most possible candidates. First of all it shall significantly improve the usage of resources as well as recovery of any disaster. The cost of hardware and power will be reduced and flexibility will rise greatly.

The usual question of most managers, businessmen and administrators is about the best application that can be recommended to be used in virtual services. The thing is that there’re no defined rules about how your environment shall be virtualized. There are some known benefits of virtualized server most companies know about. That is why they actually run the virtual applications, even though some need a lot of resources.

Categories and candidates for virtualized application development.

It’s not really daunting to virtualize the applications you might need. The apps that can probably be hosted this way were categorized. The names became rather unconventional, still it works fine.

Heavy hitters.
Here we have series of tier-one apps with rather high utilization of resources. You can find SAP in some of them as well as financial apps and the databases with high transaction possibilities. The mission-critical applications that are redundancy-candidate are also gathered here.

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