How we can differ the Web Content Management from the Portal Content Management?

There are many companies nowadays who pay all their attention to improving their websites with the help of the definite system of the content management. The usage of the portal technologies is rather beneficial the portal vendors, so they try to make the integration of it with the main content. If we talk about the non-portal vendor, they tend to sell the products that are based on the traditional features of the content management. These can be creation of the pages, site management and much more.

May customers appear to be confused with the choice in web content management; the main reason of it is the total difference between the various systems. Here we will try to show the basic differences between the platforms and will show you the ways of choosing the right platform for the portal development.

Usually the systems of the portal are focused mainly on the delivery of the applications made in the integrated way. The content here is usually one single application. For example, let’s see how it goes in the intranet portal. Our main thoughts here are about how to provide the basic self-service access to the given resources and the system of the payroll. This system is created in order to allow users to run the update process with all the access to the given information in the web content management. The needed changes in the payroll can be also performed. Also the users will crave for display of the following content like the help or the policy. As we see, the main idea is to focus on the bare surface and perform the integration of those applications as well as to run some placeholders for the needed content.

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Four main myths about enterprise document management

Myth #1: It’s all about being social.

Social doesn’t mean being a friend to everybody and spending all the time in social networks. This is not this type of “Social” after all.
Now all the vendors have clear understanding about how the social software development actually works. A lot of them tend to recreate Facebook or Twitter; they try to promote themselves without even the clear thought of the strategy. And sure thing no one takes some time to step back and consider what this kind of enterprise really needs.

The main focus shall still be on business activities. Do not concentrate on networks only, you’re here to earn money, not to chat.

Myth #2: You waste your time with social media.

And again social software development can bring you the significant profit. Let’s look at this as on the meetings where not everyone is invited. Most employees are sure meetings take their time and nothing more. The reason for it is that the leader is rather weak and can’t offer the valuable data in a clear form. Another problem is that the leader is not a good organizer.
If you’re having a nicely structured conversation, people will listen to you. That is what happens actually with social media. This way you will save your time and will not interfere in the working process.

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