The best trends offered by SaaS companies in 2013

The bright news from SaaS brought by Oracle, SAP and Salesforce.com are ready to be announced.SaaS generally means Software as a Service, so the SaaS solutions are naturally based on all kinds of software, which periodically undergo series of significant shifts. It’s time to have a close look at SaaS companies and their trends.


The SaaS market just cannot be discussed without covering the largest independent player of the field – the brilliant Salesforce.com.in order to succeed in the social collaboration, the company has to generate a handful of its own news on the regular basis. It currently obtains CRM, customer service as well as the software for the application development for SaaS companies. They might offer something brand new to their customers pretty soon.

We could see the same picture with Work.com and its application for employee performance management that was offered last year.

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What shall and what shall not be used in database development in 2013

Though the current databases need new solutions, the well-known RDBMS is still active and working. Still there are places and cases where it shall not be used for your own sake. Even the people who are really fond of Oracle, RAC or any other system of this kind shall reconsider their urge to use their favorite ways in the following cases.


Do not use Oracle Text. It’s not usually used even by the Oracle lovers, since this database extension doesn’t develop actively. The other ways database developers tend to use in Oracle are either too primitive or too complicated; both options offer the bad kind of results.

However you can easily use Autonomy, Apache Solr or Hibernate Search for your task. This way you will get fast and handy results.


If you work with ATG Commerce, try to avoid this action by all means. The reason for this option to be turned off most of the time is the great scalability – database developer just does not need that many recommendations for his work. This feature is not usually needed at all, since the tasks people solve are really various, so you just do not need recommendations based on someone else’s actions.

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