eCommerce EXPO 2013 – What’s new in business application development?

All the professionals in the field of ecommercewebsoftwareare going to meet each other on 2-3 October 2013 at the famous and long awaited eCommerce EXPO! There you will get the rare opportunity to visit any of 50 sessions, each of those is totally FREE! 4 theatres will be head-to-toe dedicated to the event for two whole days. Think about it, 4 theatres working all day long in order to present for most popular and up-to-date ideas in the field of the eCommerce.

The tremendous insight will be reachable in the case-study led seminars, where you will get the picture of fully functional cases. No blind theory, just the bare practice.

Feel free to use the highlights from 2012 as a reference of that is waiting for us in 2013! By attending the great event, you confidently place your fingertip on the pulse of the effective modern online strategyas well as most tremendous secrets of business application development. This is the broad way to success for your business!

Feel free to come to eCommerce EXPO in case you’re eager to:

  • Find brand new industry leaders and suppliers with the key position on the market;
  • Discover the most important secrets of your industry through the course of effective education. By the way, it’s absolutely free!
  • Consider the new approach in the field of eCommerce.
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9 best trends for Enterprise mobility!

Most of modern mobile app developers are trying to accommodate their IT stuff for needs of their customers. It’s possible through studying multiple reports in the given industry branch in order to define, what exactly people are waiting for.

Let’s go through up to date enterprise web solutions, which appeared to be in the TOP list.

Multi-device concept

People are no more satisfied with just one or two devices at once. They cannot just go with phone or player or whatever. The basic IT kit of the ordinary person is tablet, laptop (or even the whole desktop), phone and other devices. The main path of IT creators is to combine a many items in one as possible without actually losing the functionality of each single device.

No more MDM, go for MAM

Mobile device management is mostly out of use. Its place is solidly taken by the mobile application management. This approach allows to broaden the possible solutions in the mobile world as well as to get better capabilities there.

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