PHP goes on growing

Category: PHP Development

The popularity of PHP is now far out of the question. This technology appeared to be used in over 200 million websites.

The origin of PHP (Personal Home Page) lies in hands of Rasmus and is dated around 1995. You can even download the very first version of PHP from the internet museum with the same name. It won’t take much time since the weight of it is merely 26 Kb.

The list of further action taken for PHP development includes the access to databases (PHP2), the hypertext abilities (PHP3) and s lot more. The third version finally somewhat resembled the program we know now.

The creation of Zend engine and further PHP development

It took place in 2000 as the next step in order to create codebase and appropriate solutions to the current IT situation in those days. These new features were taken into consideration in PHP4 and led to serious changes in web application programming. The performance appeared to be far better than it has been before.

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