Which mobile application trends are best in 2014?

Mobile applications become more and more wanted nowadays. They got the great field in minds of IT specialists and move on pushing the other applications out of the market. Thus it’s really important to follow the lead in order to get all the sweet consequences of the mobile triumph.

Mobile Apps getting biometric

Iflexion mobile apps programmers looked through the latest polls and discovered the tremendous information provided by Ericsson ConsumerLab global research program. According to the latest news, over 40% of smartphone users want all their physical activities to be recorded properly. For 56% their heart rate and blood pressure are so important they want to know them during the day and get the chart every evening.

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Study the best website development trends 2014

In order to get yourself the modern and effective site you have to admit the definite changes take place in the IT world since 2013. This means some ways you tend to use might work no more, so you lose money and time.

To ease your site updates Iflexion team has gathered and carefully studied the latest trends in website development field before offering you the most important ones.

Let’s take a close look at the website development trends 2014.

Landing pages and single page sites

If you look at the usual site you most likely see the complicated structure with the main page containing the general information about the company, several pages with various services, also separate pages for blog, contacts, reviews etc.

This is what you won’t ever see in the landing page. Here all the information is given as shortly as possible. The site contains one single page only with all the data needed to invite the customer and draw his attention to offered services and/or goods.

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