Top 10 programming languages 2014

In order to match the current demands of modern programming, specialists of Iflexion decided to range the most popular programming languages so you will know which language to focus on. As a result we got TOP-10 languages in order of their popularity.

Paying maximum attention to the most craved ones, you will always stay competitive and wanted by employers all throughout the year.

Let’s take a closer look on the programming languages starting from the least popular ones.


The reason it appeared on the tenth place is that ASP.NET is not actually the programing language. It’s more like the great helper in creating dynamic web applications, frameworks and pages. Still due to its handiness .NET development became really popular nowadays and is definitely worth studying.

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Freshest software trends 2014 – keep an eye on hot news!

Since 2014 has already knocked at our door and even kicked it wide open, it’s perfect time to take a look at the most popular and important trends this year has to offer.

Iflexion team has done its best to prepare the list of long awaited changes in IT world.

Let’s have a look at the short list:

  • Clouds get top popular
  • Data scientists go down
  • Big data and social data go up
  • Analytics of complex specialized systems are wanted along with agile business intelligence
  • Everyone goes for storytelling
  • All efforts get accumulated in mobile sector
  • Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.

Now it’s time for detailed information.

Hadoop and NoSQL

These systems are now completely linked one to another. You shall keep this in mind in order to take full range of IT advantages.

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