Hot!: Node.js vs Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP

These breaking news have shocked the IT world! New programming issue threatens to beat up the main software programming languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails and even Java!

This fresh newcomer is Node.js and it offers some brand new features that will most likely be handy for newbies as well as for those who tend to work with over-complicated systems.

The main problem of Java developers

Each Java development company employee sometimes comes across the trouble of system being too complicated. Their script might not work correctly or may just not work at all, let along the fact that any operation takes forever to be completed.

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Developing Social Networking Software for Banking

Why our banks are so interested in social media? The main reason is that media appear to be the source of bank’s popularity. They can easily get it to the top or bring down in weeks. However the problem stands in all its glory especially for huge and well known banks a lot of people tend to use. Every day they work with a lot of clients and have thousands of deals made. On the other hand they have a lot of employees which are usually not 100% satisfied with their work. This means any of them can deliver in the net their dissatisfaction about the bank he works for. And we even do not mean employees who got fired or got their salary lowered.

That’s why a lot of banks turned their attention to social networking software solutions.

Let’s see, which trends are the most popular.

Ecommerce software development

It’s really important or any bank to meet people’s needs. If people want to get access to their account through mobile phone or any other digital equipment, these options must be offered. Otherwise your clients won’t be yours anymore.

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