.NET Development: Resharper as professional .NET standard

JetBrains team released new ReSharper 9 version [https://www.jetbrains.com/resharper] in December, 2014. It is a number one tool for any professional programmer in the .NET Development world. If you have not been using this amazing tool yet, you have a very straightforward way to boost your coding process. It can be improved in several times.

Visual Studio on steroids

Technically, ReSharper is a plugin for Visual Studio IDE. Generally, Visual Studio provides all needed tools and features out of the box. Everybody accepts that it is a professional IDE. Visual Studio supports full-stack software development process, has integration with databases, NuGet package manager, huge set of programming languages, compilers and platforms, both debugging and testing features, syntax highlighting and basic code navigation. Resharper is specific for .NET Development.

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Meteor framework: a revolutionary Web Application Development

In 2014 was released first officially stable version 1.0 of the Meteor [http://www.meteor.com] most cool web application framework nowadays. Software developer have been using a lot of web application development frameworks and libraries in development and production for 10+ years. Why Meteor is so excited? It’s not one more platform in a row or new pure marketing buzzword. It’s rather a new approach to the construction of the project. This technology provides to Iflexion a new quality of Web Application Development process.

The same JavaScript for client and server

Despite the novelty, there is no new programming language. Meteor is based on already known node.js platform and JavaScript programming language. If you prefer CoffeeScript or TypeScript, that’s ok. Anyway, it’s JavaScript as a result. JavaScript is used both on the front-end and on the server side. And even more, the same JavaScript code may be used on server and client.

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