Application Development: Tweening and timeline are high abstractions in Web animation

Last month we implemented web solution with pretty outstanding animation. During looking for a framework to be used in our case, we found very robust set of libraries provided by GreenSock. Their products were very popular among Flash developer some time ago. E.g., module for Tweening, which is not just regular animation primitive, but customizable processes designed for really cool animation effects. These are widely used in Application Development to implement cool UI/UX or animation in a game. As web animation is moving from Flash to pure HTML/JavaScript, GreenSock team published their own package to cover almost any feature. They call it GreenSock Animation Platform or GASP [https://greensock.com/gsap].

 Platform and features

First of all, GASP supports all major web browser including even old versions (keep in mind IE as the main troublemaker) deprecated by other animation libraries. Such safe configuration is very important in professional Application Development at line of client satisfaction.

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Application Development: Vim as development environment

Vim [http://www.openvim.com/] is a successor of the ancient vi text editor, which was created as primary UNIX visual text editor several decades ago when computers were really big and expensive. Despite such a great age, Vim is still a very popular and useful tool in Software Application Development and DevOps. Both console and GUI versions are available for all operating systems and platforms. It’s included into any standard installation set of Linux/UNIX family system. Because of its plain nature, our programmers can use Vim as both regular text editor installed and runned locally and opened in remote shell via Internet with effective workflow even in case of slow network connection.




In brief, Vim has 2 main modes: to navigate a cursor throw the text and to enter the text into place marked by the cursor. This would be the most terrible barrier between you and Vim. Don’t fight it. Just accept this approach and move on.

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