5 things you need to know about the application security and mobile application development 2013

At the last months we can admire the release of multiple creations of mobile application developers, some of them brilliant, some of them useless. It’s time to find out which ones are worth being installed on your mobile device and which are ready to go to the trash bin.

The ultimate urge to create the fresh mobile application appeared to be the cause of the handful of drastic failures. A lot of mobile application developers created literally useless software no one actually needs, so the stores were chocking with applications quite soon. Most of companies were going to just get the rights on the new application without being interested in what it actually does or if it is or it is not helpful for the customers. The logical end was the libraries stuffed with applications, most of which had less than 100 downloads in total.

Though some companies decided to just let it be, the others hired qualified mobile app developers for creation of the really popular apps.

Useful feature

The key appeared to be fantastic – the application should have some useful feature. Those who offered mobile application security could count on the significant popularity. For example the application from Bank of America: you can deposit the paper check by taking pictures of both side of it. The whole procedure takes about 2 minutes total.

Do not copy the web

If there’s some application in the web with good features, there’s no need to create the same for mobile devices. Before the mobile app developer creates really great idea, he shall not start working.

One thing to focus on

Do not try to mend together all the features you have in mind or to add “this cute and lovely benefit” at the very end of the creation process. It’s easy to get caught up with the new idea and end up with nothing. So let the ideas flow from the very beginning, still when it comes to programming, chose one or two best ones.

Do not build for yourself

Do not try to play with app creation unless you’re the certified mobile app developer. Remember the stores are not opened for just anyone who brought there their precious creation – they are full of their own stuff alrwady. So do not waste your time.


The updates are keeping the applications functional. However average person obtains a lot of application on the mobile device, which means he or she will not spend each day searching for new versions. That’s why the notification about the update is handy feature.

Do not force customers into the use of mobile apps

Remember a lot of people obtain phones with big screens, so they can easily use real web version of whatever you’ve got to show them. Instead make the mobile version of the content available. Do not forget about the application security as well.

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