6 best programming trends you must not miss

Be aware of the best Java trends offered on the IT market

If you’re the programmer, no matter of your qualification and specialties of your business you must keep an eye on the newest programming sweets offered on the market. In the world of Java things are changing rapidly, so you shall always keep a close eye on what’s happening there. There is so much news concerning Java development that one day you way feel yourself the first grade pupil surrounded with things you have no idea about. That is why our primary goal is to enlighten the latest trends of Java.

Trend #1: JVM is no more for Java

People realize that VM can now be used with any language they feel comfortable with. Some of them create their own languages; still the best option is to concentrate on syntactic bells and structural whistles.

Now JVM language is growing rapidly, still Ruby can cope much better with heavy load. The other languages have their pros as well; as a result many people tend to use Java features without actually using Java language.

Trend #2 No more specialties for JavaScript.

JavaScript can now be used separately without applets and plugins; it can easily go without JVM client as well. The total machine independence lets you use Java whenever and wherever you’d like to.

The brand new CoffeeScript can now be transferred into JavaScript with only inserting of some punctuation. The other extensions like Coco, Contracts-Coffee-Script or Parsec-Coffee-Script are close to becoming the new languages themselves as well as some other scripts coming along. You might not remember any of Java scoping; still you will be able to fully use them.

Trend #3 No separated codes

The web programe code is no more something separated from the other parts of your computer. You cannot just place it there like a rock in the middle of your garden and say that it’s yours. More and more programs act in the way of plugins for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. This creates the whole net of modules working with each other.

Sometimes the fragments are not even the whole plugin but some bits of code dropped into the IT surrounding. There will be quite little documentation about these projects since you’re making the system work for your needs without creating some visible additions.

Trend #4 Plantations are getting popular

The walled gardens are now literally everywhere. This happens because it’s the walled garden there everything is much simpler and safer. Not only the programmers work this way, but the users tend to do just the same.

When obtaining the connection to any kind of network (Apple, Facebook, etc) you will have to ask for permission. Even the Microsoft is rumored to start looking for limitations though it has been the most open platform ever.

The greatest reason of creating the gardens is the fear to lose control over the offered part of the net. If the tendency remains, the web is threatened to turn into the set of walled gardens with strict control at the entrance.

Trend #5 The great retreat of the openness

The ability to unite the open source software is close to slipping away forever. After iPhone had succeeded in walling its programs, the other started searching for the ways to do the same. This also is true for the computers most of us now have in the cars – you can’t just hack the system and put anything there with being sure everything will work fine.

For those who chose Windows 8 there will be no opportunity for any alternative OS. This is rather bad since the innovations will get limited and hackers will receive the whole new ground for their tricks. The codes will get shared between the programmers and then between the average people as well.

Trend #6 No free Bandwidth

Most of website developers are already used to free bandwidth; still soon it will work no more this way. The reason is in the continuous adding of metering and caps in ISP. Even though some IT specialists might consider this being too strict or impossible at all, still each one of them needs the bandwidth.

If this comes true, the clouds surrounded with gimmicks will be not all that good since the traffic will be metered. This might make the online backup rather expensive as well.


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