9 best trends for Enterprise mobility!

Most of modern mobile app developers are trying to accommodate their IT stuff for needs of their customers. It’s possible through studying multiple reports in the given industry branch in order to define, what exactly people are waiting for.

Let’s go through up to date enterprise web solutions, which appeared to be in the TOP list.

Multi-device concept

People are no more satisfied with just one or two devices at once. They cannot just go with phone or player or whatever. The basic IT kit of the ordinary person is tablet, laptop (or even the whole desktop), phone and other devices. The main path of IT creators is to combine a many items in one as possible without actually losing the functionality of each single device.

No more MDM, go for MAM

Mobile device management is mostly out of use. Its place is solidly taken by the mobile application management. This approach allows to broaden the possible solutions in the mobile world as well as to get better capabilities there.

Tablets get finally adopted in the Workspace

According to reliable Gartner’s report, over 35% of tablets will get involved in the enterprise before 2015. The field is thought to be really effective, that is why its growth is mostly awaited.

The great concern for data security remains

The data security is still rather troublesome feature of the enterprise. Systems with high security constantly experience the great lack of mobility. Still enterprises just can’t go without this feature, thus they will choose partners with the highest mobility of this IT sector. Areas of the main interest will be application management, encryption within its end-to-end option, device management etc.

    Mobile web development increasing in this year of enterprise web solutions

      The population of workers is going to rise up to 1,3 billion by the end of 2014. That’s why over 40% of enterprise applications will be in a form of mobile apps. The application development industry is significantly fueled by the urge to satisfy rather specific requirements stated by the enterprise.

      Mobile management games will be played by big companies

        Nowadays most of MAM and MDM products are produced by vendors with narrow specialization like Airwatch, Mobile Iron, Good Technology, Zenprise etc. Still the challenge will be most likely accepted by Cisco and Citrix as well. The competition will get tougher.

        Popularization of HTML5 applications

          The future enterprise web solutions will go on the platform of iOS, Windows and Android not in solid separation, but in some way of natural blending. The reason is that the main development becomes rather expensive if it goes about the native apps.

          The great deal of the Cloud

            Mobile app developers pay great attention to how data is being used on the device. It goes about various encrypted wrappers, app containers etc. Still this approach doesn’t allow data to be fully secured in all time. That is why the cloud based enterprise web solutions are getting popular along with virtualization.

            Boost mobile solutions with investments!

              Most of mobile app developers are certain about increasing their productivity. This happens through fast decision making as well as the total collaboration support. All the companies and workers crave for the definite bite of the sweet financial cake. That’s why over 1000 of IT Executives are planning on increasing their budget in IT sphere, definitely in the field of new services.

              Having a look at trends above, we can get the basic understanding of how does everything work nowadays concerning the mobile industry. Stay in touch and get to know, where exactly we’re all heading!

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