All you need to know about UI testing and UI design

If you need to create an effective website, you shall think about the usability fro the very beginning. Before developing the site to get to the top of the market or searching for the definite link acquisition you shall be 100% sure the usability is put to maximum.

Here are the areas you shall pay attention to while your UI testing:

• Evaluator role
• Tasks
• Number of website users
• Usability measure

The role of evaluator

Do not allow the “Evaluator effect” to affect the results of the testing. Strengthen the particular areas where evaluators are possible of making mistakes.

Tasks for users

The UI design needs the close attention of the real users, this way you will be sure the mend the real world application. Try to make your UI testing possibly close to what really happens in the particular site.

The actual number of users

Usually it’s enough to launch 5 users to search for any possible problems. Still if the users are all different, they will be handy even is they’re more then five.

The measures of usability

You can measure the usability according to user satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency. However more criteria are offered nowadays:

• Effectiveness
• Operability
• Task completion time
• Training
• Mental effort required
• Task accuracy
• Outcome quality
• Learning time
• Input rates
• Use frequency

Testing the environment

Make your web application testing in the real world, not just in the lab. The real environment will appear to be much more unpredictable.

Other testing issues for usability

You shall not only define the problems occurring on your UI design, but also offer the correct ways of their salvation. If the usability is high, the web design team will never be confused.

Future testing of usability

In the future we hope to get a lot more realistic situations for testing along with more effective techniques. The new services are going to be available as well.

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