Best events for Ruby on Rails developers 2014

This year is rather rich on events made just for Ruby on Rails developers. The whole set of meetings will give them unique possibility to enlarge their experience and deepen their knowledge in various cases.

The nearest one will start really soon – meaning 3d of April. That’s the date when the Ancient City Ruby 2014 starts. Iflexion Ruby on Rails developers are going to participate in this event.

Ancient City Ruby, 3-4 April 2014

Each year in April you get the opportunity to get more knowledge in the field of Ruby on Rails craft. A lot of worldwide known specialists come to the conference in order to exchange their opinions on the latest trends and work out the best policy to operate their favorite system.

The lectures of famous speakers will be combined with workshops, where you will get lured into discussions on various topics. A lot of questions are usually raised on these meetings.

The event will be interesting for both beginners and advanced users. Each of attendants will choose his own schedule, so he sticks to the line of events of his particular level.

This year such lectors decided to take part in Ancient city Ruby on Rails 2014: Leon Gersin with his allegory of the cave, Terence Lee with his plan to make you common with Ruby,Craig Kersteins and his postgres performance, Justin Searls in brand new Test Suite etc.

Rails Conference 22-25 April 2014

Get ready to the general Rails Conference taking place in Chicago!

You’ll get 5 whole days of sessions starting from Sketchnoting (Creative Technical Content Notes) ran by Jess Eldredge and ending up with two events which aren’t scheduled yet. These are “Looking forward: 10 years on Rail” by Luke Francil and of course “Secrets of a World Memory Champion” by Chris Hunt.

10 great speakers have already registered for the event including Roy Tomeij, Tute Costa, Adam Cuppy etc. and we’re waiting for many more!

52 guests are already in the list, so do not hesitate and take your place in the conference dedicated to Ruby on Rails!

And do not even think about a break since on 25-26 of April the new great event takes place.

Ruby Conference Taiwan, 15-16 April 2014

Visit Taipei city for the popular Ruby Conference Taiwan. This is the greatest event dedicated to Ruby on Rails this month. Being held in Yang-Ming University, it will gather a lot of famous specialists and speakers.

22 speakers have already agreed to visit the event, including Yukihiro Matsumoto, Yamane, SHIBATA Hiroshi, Winston Teo etc.

Do not forget about the long list of distinguished guests invited to the event as well. You will not only get the opportunity to get fresh news about Ruby on Rails, but also discuss the latest changes and work out the opportunities for the market.

After the overfilled April you will get the whole May to have rest – right before visiting the breathtaking June events.

Magma Conf 4-6 June 2014

Three days of total Ruby on Rails focus in Mexico! The great opportunity to chat with high level IT professionals including Austin web developers. 18 speakers have already registered for the event, so it’s just the right time to join the group of attendants.

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