Brand new social networking software

Neo4j, Cassandra, and FluidDBoffer the brand new set of databases for social networks

Social network if one of the best things to be found in the net. With its help you can easily fix the links and attitudes between various persons including your friends and people you only want to get to know about. The social life appears to be rather transparent with these networks.

Still if you’re searching for some specific information, the graph databases will be really handy, since with their help you can definitely how many of your friends’ friends’ friends are allergic for milk.

Still the simple graph database cannot give all the answers. Schema-free relational databases are simpler and might be better for social networking software developers for getting quick answers.


This database is created by Java and can successfully link to Python and Ruby. You look for the answer by creating the traversal object streaming along the relationship lines between the nodes until it finds what you’ve been looking for. Its best ability is to run the repeated actions in the network. It stored all new nodes to the disk, so even in case of power failure you will lose no data.


This social networking software doesn’t offer long trips inside the graph. Still it comes brilliantly with the mass of information. The write-friendly environment allows sorting out the simple version of data. The search begins the moment the person decides to “digg” the link. The program can cope with 10.000 followers and more at a time.

The updates here do not occur immediately everywhere, since it’sNoSQL database. The adding procedure doesn’t take really much time, that’s why sometimes people get added to various databases at once.


It’s not quite the graph social networking software; still it can handle queries offered by various social networks. With it you can easily tag for various data elements here and run the collaborative work for the local produce of receiving answers to stated questions. The program is able to attach the tag to any object and follow it. This all happens without constant askings of the database.

Where this all might come to?

These solutions are nothing more than three first small business web development tools to satisfy the craving for information people obtain. For now they’re not actually capable of any really complex tasks, still the next versions will most likely offer this kind of solutions.

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