Freshest software trends 2014 – keep an eye on hot news!

Since 2014 has already knocked at our door and even kicked it wide open, it’s perfect time to take a look at the most popular and important trends this year has to offer.

Iflexion team has done its best to prepare the list of long awaited changes in IT world.

Let’s have a look at the short list:

  • Clouds get top popular
  • Data scientists go down
  • Big data and social data go up
  • Analytics of complex specialized systems are wanted along with agile business intelligence
  • Everyone goes for storytelling
  • All efforts get accumulated in mobile sector
  • Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.

Now it’s time for detailed information.

Hadoop and NoSQL

These systems are now completely linked one to another. You shall keep this in mind in order to take full range of IT advantages.

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The most important 2013 business intelligence trends

SAP Insider’s BI Conference appeared to be the great source for the best ideas in the field of business intelligence and its most important trends.

The whole conference took place in March 19-22 and appeared to be the most important meeting for the IT professionals, where they could discuss various problems in their field. The most creative individuals have visited it this time, so needless to say the event was really profitable.

The program content

There were over 130 sessions, that totally covered the most wanted areas of the IT evolution. These were BI implementations and upgrades, SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, Self-service BI, business analytics, date management and integration, reporting etc. There were even more sessions opened for BI 2013 attendants – like the Financials 2013, Admin & Infrastructure 2013 and GRC 2013.

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What shall we wait in the field of enterprise content management in 2013?

Since the year 2013 has just begun, it’s the right time to take a glimpse into the future and analyze what is coming.

Any clouds in ERP?

We wait for the product lines of Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP to get more options in the field of the cloud deployment. The same situation is forecasted for the users of Epicor and Infor production.  On the other hand the well-known Kenandy or Plex are already specializing on cloud-based ERP.

Still the more advantageous situation is seen within Oracle and SAP territory, where they use their own modules of clouds for a while already.

Some more words about ERP: according to the last news it reformed the current image from CRM software vendors we’re all familiar with into the player based on the full-blown platform. As a result they also had to move their applications to new categories. Still the time of the aggressive push is yet to come; meanwhile the company goes hand to hand with Infor and Workday in the field of enterprise content management.

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Can SQL Server be counted as a BID for Business Intelligence Greatness?

In the term of the last months the main SQL Server got the whole set of brand new capabilities. According to the word of experts this doesn’t concern just the business intelligence inself.

One of the main features appeared to be the AlwaysOn, which now provides more significant capabilities within the infrastructure of the server. Such aspects as programmability, manageability, security and scalability are improved. The new components available in the new edition are made for analysis, integration and faster responding.

The query response within the In-Memory Column Store is also supported with the AlwaysOn system. According to the specialists’ point of view the new SQL is about 100 times faster than the previous one.

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Business Intelligence Solutions 2012

There are a lot of possible Business Intelligence solutions 2012 that are announced to the audience. Let’s get closer look at the most reliable self-service solutions used in various business fields in order to optimize their analysis and make the correct decision suitable for business. The latest solutions are built upon the HP’s infrastructure and can be successfully applied to Microsoft software as well as to the particular Microsoft SQL Server. You can feel free to use also Microsoft SharePoint which can get easily installed and successfully configured by any qualified IT specialist in the term of less then a full hour.

This year Business Intelligence solutions help to reduce the time the managers usually have to spend on operate the standard business solution. These programs are now easier in use and faster in work. They allow the managers to economy their time and keep all the important information together for the effective analysis.

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How to run an effective bi solution

The business potential can be literally unleashed by the correct business intelligence solution. Here is the list of four main things for you to avoid the pitfalls and create effective programs to meet your business needs completely.

Fix who is actually responsible for your bi solutions. If you want it to be successfully implemented, so that your business would be shared with responsibility and respect, take your time to create the definite demarcation of the areas. This way the investment decisions and priorities will be fixed, so that the technology will be used in the correct and checked way. The technical support provided by IT will offer the needed tech support as well as the required kind of implementation.

You might need to build BICC (BI Competence Center). Here the main BI solutions will be solved by IT and the local representatives of business, mostly company partners and stakeholders in line-of-business field.

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