Can SQL Server be counted as a BID for Business Intelligence Greatness?

In the term of the last months the main SQL Server got the whole set of brand new capabilities. According to the word of experts this doesn’t concern just the business intelligence inself.

One of the main features appeared to be the AlwaysOn, which now provides more significant capabilities within the infrastructure of the server. Such aspects as programmability, manageability, security and scalability are improved. The new components available in the new edition are made for analysis, integration and faster responding.

The query response within the In-Memory Column Store is also supported with the AlwaysOn system. According to the specialists’ point of view the new SQL is about 100 times faster than the previous one.

The cloud deployment is also not forgotten. The databases created within SQL can be distributed between on-premise and cloud environment. The visualization now is much better and comfortable for the user.

The strong features of SQL Server 2012

Will the rules if the IT game change since the new SQL came into action? It depends on the field of the program application and the specialist you care to ask. Boris Evelson is sure that the whole offer of the BI-specific SQL version is good for businessmen since it’s automated and tuned properly.

A lot of companies are now using either SQL Server or Microsoft SarePoint or even both options. However all they shall do now is to get the upgrade of the latest SQL version and get all the needed features without paying any additional costs.

The main question now is to figure out what else we might need from the BI solutions. The most important task for the Microsoft competitors is now to figure it out and to offer the new options to the market.

This also works for the Microsoft itself since its specialists are now ready to improve the programs they offer to the audience and obtain better place on the market. Some of the databases are usable, however they still need to be fixed and tuned for better work. Some customization is also a must for several of them. In case of transaction to any of the relational systems like IBM’s DB2, Oracle and Sybase ASE they do need customization due to the heavy reports not every client would like to deal with.

This means the features of the old school are not nearly enough to cope with the self-service needs and to offer the adequate solution for the mobile BI and any kind of social networks. The SQL Server platform of Microsoft is now on the move to better understanding of the ways to integrate into the related systems.

According to the words of Noel Yuhanna a lot of database developers are already using SQL Server even if it’s not their main database. The customers are trying their best to take the advantage of what they can get.

The Challenges of SQL Server 2012

Still it’s not all about the happy life in the IT sector.

Nobody is waiting for the new SQLO Server to come and rule all over the IT world at once. The changes are great; still they are not making something really unique out of the well-known SQL. This program still has the weak points to come with and things to correct. The new release is mostly for those who is already using the SQL or for those who is choosing the best option for their BI.

For those who work on the Windows platform with the help of SQL, this is the optional and beneficial choice from the economic point of view. Still the moment someone starts using another source, the competitors of SQL appear to be right there. These areOracle, SAP, IBM or Teradata. Any of them is ready to take the place of SQL and offer the person its benefits and strong characteristics. That is why since all people are not focused on Windows, the SQL is still in the threat.

The new platform offers a lot of changes in the field of the in-memory analysis, which requires further integration with various kinds of non-Windows assets.

However, according to John Rymer, the famous Forrester analyst, the perspective appears to be far better than this. He sees the SQL as the new trend gaining popularity in the IT world. Interact of trying to fit into the narrow niche and let no one else there, it tries to cover all the aspects of the IT BI. This makes it really powerful competitor since its price points are all reachable for the potential clients.

The main approach of the Microsoft is to find the solution for all aspects of BI. That allows it not to go deep into the defined functional area; instead it offers 20% of features which are important for 80% of customers.

What else SQL Server 2012 can do?

One of the partners Microsoft is working with is Panorama Software. It offers the well-known Necto platform that is rather socially-enabled and upgraded enough in order to offer the needed support of the SQL Server 2012. The main feature of Necto is the ability to combine  data taken from various sources, like cloud, flat file, application, financial report and more.

The founder of the program, Rony Ross, is offering the set of bonuses to the new product, like the new-memory technology allowing running the business processes more agile. With it the whole business analysis appears to be a piece of cake. Moreover with the help of SQL 2012 it works significantly faster.

The new SQL Server is able to promote the new layers of metadata, and be sure Necto takes all the possible advantage from this feature. This option combined with Necto’s discovery engine of context work helps much with the analysis.

Now, since SQL is ready to combine efforts with other programs, it becomes obvious that the other engines will try to use its advantages for getting more features for their own work. The more useful features customers get, the eagerly they buy the new products.

However there are several barriers on the way of the database unification. Geoff Ballard notifies users to be prepared to the upgrade of SQL Server 2012, since the new version is far more complicated than the previous one, so the customers will need some time to get used to it.



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