E-commerce: Technical Aspects of Bitcoin Revolution

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Bitcoin [http://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bitcoin.asp] cryptocurrency has being used widely around the world for already several years. First of all, let’s accept that it’s both robust technology and mature implementation. It’s going to be more important in our life as new tool coming to substitute old good bank accounts, wires and credit cards. Besides, blockchain [http://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/blockchain.asp] technology, that is an important part of bitcoin system, potentially provides solutions for plenty of problems beyond E-commerce an financial transactions, based on the same general principles as bitcoin — decentralization and privacy.


The main goal of any currency system is to providing ability to exchange or transfer money from one account (or wallet) to another. Bitcoin schema is based on transactions as well. E.g., Alice is going to send 5 BTC to Bob. The transaction in this case consists of 3 main parts:
● Bob as destination of the transaction
● 5 BTC amount of transferred money
● Source of the money where Alice was received it from. E.g., Dale sent Alice 5 BTC.

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6 best E-commerce design trends

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Let’s have a close look at most craved brilliants of the mobile ecommerce application design. A lot of sites have been redesigned lately in order to match the best expectations of nowadays audience.

Most platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc. are totally linked to shops’ designing. The latest trends make people redesign a lot of stuff, by the way some features get simplified as well as the others keep getting more and more complex.

Here’s the list of 6 most popular trends emerging this year.

1. Interface that is finger friendly

A lot of people will see your site on any kind of mobile device before they actually reach to in on their PC. This leads to a lot of sites being mobile-oriented and rather finger-friendly (meaning they’re designed with high touchscreen options).  Some are made for stylus, others are more like multi-touch feature.

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Latest trends in payment system applications development

Over the last 5 years VISA and MasterCard appeared to be the most popular payment systems all over the world. To make it all work the common standards were taken into consideration. They evolved for some time until they become the way we know them now.

The main reason for cards’ popularity was the increase of consumer spending in e-commerce and m-commerce. People were looking for payment options.

There are two main problems and needs in the field of mobile application development:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
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eCommerce EXPO 2013 – What’s new in business application development?

All the professionals in the field of ecommercewebsoftwareare going to meet each other on 2-3 October 2013 at the famous and long awaited eCommerce EXPO! There you will get the rare opportunity to visit any of 50 sessions, each of those is totally FREE! 4 theatres will be head-to-toe dedicated to the event for two whole days. Think about it, 4 theatres working all day long in order to present for most popular and up-to-date ideas in the field of the eCommerce.

The tremendous insight will be reachable in the case-study led seminars, where you will get the picture of fully functional cases. No blind theory, just the bare practice.

Feel free to use the highlights from 2012 as a reference of that is waiting for us in 2013! By attending the great event, you confidently place your fingertip on the pulse of the effective modern online strategyas well as most tremendous secrets of business application development. This is the broad way to success for your business!

Feel free to come to eCommerce EXPO in case you’re eager to:

  • Find brand new industry leaders and suppliers with the key position on the market;
  • Discover the most important secrets of your industry through the course of effective education. By the way, it’s absolutely free!
  • Consider the new approach in the field of eCommerce.
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Ten top-hints for the effective ecommerce solution the professional ecommerce developer shall use.

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The ten main features listed below are the most valuable for running the effective ecommerce in the form of the web store:

Existing resources shall be compatible. It’s not easy to run the commercial website nowadays if you don’t obtain the possibility to change the features of the existing system. If the software you’ve chose can be easily linked to the existing hardware of your own including the operating system, you will experience no problems.

The existing data shall be easily imported in the range of ecommerce solution. This is really valuable in aces you’ve got a long list of products and have no intention to download them one by one manually.

The link beaten the Legacy Application and the APIs shall be performed by the ecommerce developer. The really challenging feature here is the link of the finance system and the inventory management.

The ability to work with the virtual shopping cart. This is the basic instrument of the ecommerce, as the customers use it to perform the actual orders and buy goods.

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Ecommerce solutions with all their accomplishment odds

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In 2012 the ecommerce developers offered the modern ways of how to use the offered kind of solutions. First of all do not understate the significance of the ecommerce solutions. The defined techniques available online shall be used in a proper way, especially when it’s all about using the modern ecommerce solutions. For now just a few people have realized that it’s not the best option to get everything to hold in one hand at once. That is why the Multiple Streams of Residual Income has created the popular possibilities of the residential home income.  This way the people got the perfect opportunity to merchandise their products through several income streams.

The series of channels is now easily allowed due to the technological advances. The awesome revolution in the technical field appeared to be the open doorway for the mortar ways of commerce. Now it comes to the door of each and every customer. Moreover the tip is definitely significant as it resembles an iceberg where we can only see the top with the online success being hidden in the bottom.

The great reward for a small work.

Modern ecommerce developers offer the variety of possible strategies to maximize your earnings in business. The SEO-techniques can be used on more then one application of the company, so the low-key technique can get you to utter success as well. Here will be your steady passive income.

Opportunities of the modern ecommerce solutions.

First of all it’s all about information. If you have something special for the authority, you can freely set up the fully automatic estore where the incomes will be transferred to your account right away.

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What’s new in ecommerce development in 2012?

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Most people know the eCommerce had changed greatly in the past several years. There was over 13% growth in 2010 that was significant for that period, while the traditional retail grew no more then 3%. As we can see, the difference was quite visible.

The year 2010 was known for its great changes in the landscape of the Internet, mostly due to the growth of the social web networks. With all these changes the retailers kept looking for the new way of business implications, which is why more strict approach was demonstrated in the early 2011. The new feature appeared to be the multichannel retailing, including the use of social networks as well.

So, what shall we await from the ecommerce software?

Multichannel policy.

The modern retailers are going to view their customers rather close in order to let them see the retailers as well. The competitive environment full of on-demand resources pushes the retailers to offer more services like delivery and a lot more.

The Explosion of the Conversional Marketing.

Here the main goal of the ecommerce  development is to turn the shoppers into the real customers. This includes the Add-on feature allowing the users to buy easier and in less time.

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Ecommerce trends for 2011

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Here are the main ecommerce trends that are rather significant this year. However not all of them were shown in the list. These are:

Sites for private sales – here the membership is free or paid and offers the access to the unique goods.

Virtual goods and electronic currencies. You can use the virtual credits to buy some services within the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

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The most popular ecommerce trends featured in the 2010

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The last year appeared to be offer the most tremendous progress in the flied of the Internet. Nobody expected the Internet will offer such a great breakout, so many people got interested about the innovations of the current 2011 year. The interest touched all the features of the ecommerce trends like SEO, ecommerce, website design etc. Some trends of the ecommerce got the most close attention, here we state them in a list:

Mobile commerce.

The smart phones get more and more popular on the IT market, they were the hit of the 2010 and go on developing. More customers prefer the smart phone to the ordinary one, the website owners tend to create their sites in the mobile versions as well as it’s the perfect opportunity for the business matters.

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The perfect ecommerce solutions in a form of the “Balanced Dashboard”

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Here are the main four areas we can offer as the best way for retailing the naturally balanced dashboard.

Transactional Measures

Sure thing we are aware of the conversion tracking, still there’s no good in getting the set of metrics with no means. There shall be not just them in the pack, but also and brand impact measures and broader offline. If you get some of the shopping funnel or traffic measures, you will get more info about the customers’ behavior on site.

Customer measures for repeat

These measures offer even more emphasis then standard transactional measures in the range of the ecommerce solutions. The reason for this is rather simple; the returning of the customer usually means the reliable value proposition. This means the price is adequate. These customers shall receive enough attention.

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