Freshest software trends 2014 – keep an eye on hot news!

Since 2014 has already knocked at our door and even kicked it wide open, it’s perfect time to take a look at the most popular and important trends this year has to offer.

Iflexion team has done its best to prepare the list of long awaited changes in IT world.

Let’s have a look at the short list:

  • Clouds get top popular
  • Data scientists go down
  • Big data and social data go up
  • Analytics of complex specialized systems are wanted along with agile business intelligence
  • Everyone goes for storytelling
  • All efforts get accumulated in mobile sector
  • Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.

Now it’s time for detailed information.

Hadoop and NoSQL

These systems are now completely linked one to another. You shall keep this in mind in order to take full range of IT advantages.

Moreover Hadoop is now growing in rapid speed, widening its ecosystem. It’s definitely not going to give way to any other solutions.

Clouds are getting private

The cloud deployment is now strongly reconsidered by NSA with all its revelations.  The cloud services might soon get hosted in-house, so the whole cloud business will get a definite touch of privacy. Though this solution was suspected and even awaited by a large quantity of users, still tech community appeared to be shocked with it struggling to get things back to the ordinary way they used to be.

The main reason the community is not satisfied is the lack of trust to the homemade clouds. Any kid of misplacing may now take place since the in-house services are too widely spread and lack the awaited level of security and management.

However some companies are already moving their cloud systems in-house.

The Open Flow and Software Defined Network

Google has recently adopted the Open Flow along with some other kinds of Virtual vendors such as VMWare. All the products are mainly supporting SDN, which means it will be SDN playing the main role in formation of 2014 trends.

However the other link to new technologies is opened through low overhead virtualization as well as containers. Any kind of software appliances can get managed and created through the Docker. Its technological solutions such as LXC have been in use for quite a long time; still they have become rather attractive lately. Most likely that happened due to ability to get a lot of modular components together without using heavy and complicated machine hypervisors.

Internet development

The unspoken queen of the web is now Amazon. The newly built drone fleet is the solid basis for the development along with over 2 million Raspberry Pis being sold lately. Since the mobile programming becomesmainstream, a lot of new information shall be learned, such as servos, programming in real time, various interrupts etc.

Take your time considering the wide range of new possibilities and options studied by Iflexion web development specialists. Be modern and join the trend!

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