Mobile Solutions: Unity3D platform

Recently, there was released version 4.6.3 of very popular game development platform Unity [http://unity3d.com]. As it is multiplatform engine, it supports all major mobile architectures. That makes Unity one of the best Mobile Solutions in game development area. Target application can be built for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Besides, it also supports such pure game platforms, like Xbox, Wii and PlayStation. Technically, any Unity application uses OpenGL and DirectX. Unity platform is widely used by all kinds of game development companies from huge monsters (EA, Blizzard) to tiny teams creating indie-games. Development version of Unity3D package is free, so, anyone can download and install it to start new game project. There is modern IDE with intuitive drag-and-drop interface that running both on Windows and OS X. It allows developer to concentrate on the aspects of the game instead of pure technically points of the project. You can debug the game right in the IDE. It doesn’t need any mobile device or emulator to create Mobile Solutions by Unity3D engine.

 Mono development platform

Unity is based on Mono platform [http://www.mono-project.com]. It’s a bit modified version of .NET framework. The main feature of Mono is a multi-platform support, that beyonds regular .NET world of Windows architecture. Unity is one of the most actual application of Mono as a development platform mentioned as successful example in various articles.

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Hot: Mobile Web apps vs Native Mobile Applications

What’s so special about the mobile web apps?

Imagine you’ve got the tremendous idea for the mobile content. You’re ready to share it at once for as many users as possible. Guess what comes next! You get your app optimized for Windows 8, Android, BlackBerry and the handful of other OS. You pay separately to each single team, since you do need separate teams for each kind of application to be created. When you finally get your apps, you contact the app store and go on begging them to take your product. Remember not to lose their contact since most likely you’ll beg them to fix any kind of small bug or make a review pretty soon.

Ready for this hell most of mobile application developers go through?

Still there’s a handy way to avoid all these unnecessary spending and delay. You can create one single app using HTML for it to suite any platform. That’s what Iflexion mobile developers do and that’s what they strongly advise you to do as well.

What’s the profit?

  • Use the platform you like

No more need to struggle to cope with all kinds of platforms with all its specification. You save your money and efforts since the HTML app will easily get installed wherever you want.

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Which mobile application trends are best in 2014?

Mobile applications become more and more wanted nowadays. They got the great field in minds of IT specialists and move on pushing the other applications out of the market. Thus it’s really important to follow the lead in order to get all the sweet consequences of the mobile triumph.

Mobile Apps getting biometric

Iflexion mobile apps programmers looked through the latest polls and discovered the tremendous information provided by Ericsson ConsumerLab global research program. According to the latest news, over 40% of smartphone users want all their physical activities to be recorded properly. For 56% their heart rate and blood pressure are so important they want to know them during the day and get the chart every evening.

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Latest trends in payment system applications development

Over the last 5 years VISA and MasterCard appeared to be the most popular payment systems all over the world. To make it all work the common standards were taken into consideration. They evolved for some time until they become the way we know them now.

The main reason for cards’ popularity was the increase of consumer spending in e-commerce and m-commerce. People were looking for payment options.

There are two main problems and needs in the field of mobile application development:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
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Several secrets of mobile application usability

No one can now be surprised with the wireless connection. It’s even more popular today than the standard wired connection, since people tend to stay mobile and in touch with each other all day long. We can now share not only the data, but also are one step away from the full range voice telephony due to 4G technologies.

What are the current problems of mobile web programming?

First of all, they shall become rather quick, since no one wants to wait till the page loads. The current bandwidth has significantly improved compared to what it had been like. Still there are differences between wired and mobile application usability. Also the demands of current users had become rather high and hard to satisfy. It happened mostly due to the multimedia content shared through the mobile connection.

Each user is now free to choose which network to use: an old one or any kind of the new one. The time of usage is very well important too. Still the bandwidth in wired or wireless network doesn’t differ that much nowadays.

Due to various devices people use in order to get to the network, experts advise to make all portals in 4 different variations suitable for the following devices:

High bandwidth for large screen

  • High bandwidth for small screen
  • Low bandwidth for large screen
  • Low bandwidth for small screen

8 ways to test usability

1. Testing paper prototypes

The paper prototypes let you know just how information will look on the screen of the chosen mobile device without actually using the page… and the real screen. All you have is paper and the removable flexible sheet with data.

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9 best trends for Enterprise mobility!

Most of modern mobile app developers are trying to accommodate their IT stuff for needs of their customers. It’s possible through studying multiple reports in the given industry branch in order to define, what exactly people are waiting for.

Let’s go through up to date enterprise web solutions, which appeared to be in the TOP list.

Multi-device concept

People are no more satisfied with just one or two devices at once. They cannot just go with phone or player or whatever. The basic IT kit of the ordinary person is tablet, laptop (or even the whole desktop), phone and other devices. The main path of IT creators is to combine a many items in one as possible without actually losing the functionality of each single device.

No more MDM, go for MAM

Mobile device management is mostly out of use. Its place is solidly taken by the mobile application management. This approach allows to broaden the possible solutions in the mobile world as well as to get better capabilities there.

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5 things you need to know about the application security and mobile application development 2013

At the last months we can admire the release of multiple creations of mobile application developers, some of them brilliant, some of them useless. It’s time to find out which ones are worth being installed on your mobile device and which are ready to go to the trash bin.

The ultimate urge to create the fresh mobile application appeared to be the cause of the handful of drastic failures. A lot of mobile application developers created literally useless software no one actually needs, so the stores were chocking with applications quite soon. Most of companies were going to just get the rights on the new application without being interested in what it actually does or if it is or it is not helpful for the customers. The logical end was the libraries stuffed with applications, most of which had less than 100 downloads in total.

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Enterprise software development gets the features of mobile development.

According to the new survey over 73 percent of developers plan to extend their enterprise to mobile devices during the next year.

The inevitable part of the apps development is the extending of the enterprise application to the modern mobile devices. The researches of the Evans Data showed this development as growing in prominence. They are sure the applications will get an important place in the modern development process.

The mobile development by Iflexion offers the definite statistics. About 40% of developers offer the significant type of mobile development that is targeted on the mobile devices. 73% of these people consider extending their enterprise apps to the modern mobile devices within the next year.

This looks like the definite problem for the huge enterprises, as now they will have to target not on PC but the mobile devices of all kinds. During the presentation a lot of new facts were offered. According to the recent company surveys a lot of topics were covered from the software methods of ranging to the modern cloud computing. The most quantity of enterprise software development specialists is awaited to be in India by 2015. There will be more of them then in USA.

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Mobile solution for CRM from Iflexion

The really great feature about the CRM is its mobility. During the first part of 2011, there were more smart-phones sold then all the PCs. That was the obvious sign of the shift in the work of an average man. Now you can rely on you smart-phone in all cases from accessing your contacts to dealing with any materials needed for your work. This data is now easily accessible due to the mobile CRM. The businessmen though prefer to take the mobility in various ways. It’s not always the ability to get the needed data in any point of the world. Smart-phones are not usually handy just outside your office. They can be in a great help when you’re away from your desk, in the warehouse, in the market hall etc.  It will be handy even if you’re in the delivery vehicle.

Mobile programming solution in a form of CRM is the must-have thing for sales people. With it they will have the possibility to enter the sales data right on the stop where the client sends it. No more need to head back to the office and get the new information there. However the people of other professions can use it in their work and free time.

Imagine you have a meeting with your distributor. You can easily check the latest trends, the quality of product on the market so you can make perfectly informed purchase.

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The evolution of cloud and mobile application development

According to the hopes of Steve Jobs the owners of the iPhone will soon be able to get any needed application with the help of the browser built in their device. Still soon after it Apple offered the wide range of opportunities available in the iTunes App Store.

Since this time most of the sites, even the old ones, offered the transfer of their data to any mobile device the user might opt for. The native applications became more popular than transfer to some mobile browser. Though the HTML5 was significantly improved, a lot of users consider mobile application development not to meet the particular needs of the modern SmartPhones and tablets.

The definite evolution of the mobile devices is needed. As we remember, the first web application was much like browser with its opportunity to output the mainframe. Still the logic of the applications transferred from the mainframe to the basic output on HTML. Same shift was visible in the mobile applications too. The desktop browsers will treat the information the way the modern apps in mobile gadgets application development do, as both types of software will have the same logic.

The transition is important as well, as it goes right at the same time the other changes take place in the IT world. Basically it’s the tendency to move to the cloud computing. The logic of applications soon comes in its own private structure, while the PaaS offerings take their time to mature.

How to link your device to the cloud?

For effective mobile application development you will have to manage both migrations at the same time. This might appear to be not too easy. Luckily for us, the platform vendors offer the special tools to ease the transition process. Finally they will help to hybrid the applications completely.

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