New social software for publishing

No matter if you’re product company or just some new consumer, the brand new media publisher with a modern author to introduce or even the global agency financed by the government, you will take your time building the certain online interactions. In other word you will become the social publisher in order to get your success and steady audience.

Media content distribution allows you to respond to the main market changes in almost no time. The modern social software will impose possible technical barriers to the newest products’ introduction. Content management allows you to deliver the most actual information to the users and customers. The program is known as TCO for the shorten version of Open Source Social Publishing.

Three main approaches were fixed after the long period of experimentation, where a lot of technological options were involved. These appeared to be:

–          proprietary products (including license charges, fees and other pricings);

–          platforms known as “white labeled” ones (the outsource is decided by the organization);

–          the open source.

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Dependencies in PHP application development. Part2

Category: PHP Development

Here we’re back to the topic of dependencies in PHP application development

Let’s consider the tools made to ease your PHP outsourcing.

One of the most popular ones appeared to be Apache Maven. It’s the best choice for those who uses Java. Here you will get all the functions of the dependency manager and even more, still it won’t be cozy in case of using this program for several projects at once as it might appear to be overcomplicated. Some might think about it as the result of lacking experience of the PHP developers team, still it’s mostly because of not too attractive tools.

PEAR is yet another nice option; still you will need some external libraries for it as well. The well known composer project is nice solution as it can be the real salvation for most of dependency problems. Still it’s not actually fully developed yet, so is not exactly reliable. Perhaps we need some more time to decide there.

Symphony2 is a nice way of PHP application development offering a creative approach and having deps file for definition of where the dependencies are. The program is rather light and easy-to-use. Feel free to extend it any way you find suitable.

Things you need to know

As the popularity of Symphony2 is growing constantly, a lot of attention is still paid to GitHub. However this project is not always working in fully correct way as far as I had discovered. For example I had one of the bundlers to fail and smash down all the integration efforts in a moment.

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Database security: things a good compliance officer ought to know

Starting the article, I decided to assume most people are already common with the database development and the details of its organization. Still I realized in the process that sometimes people dealing with the data protection aren’t really well informed about a lot of needful things. As we speak about databases, not all the developers actually know the aspects of the database security, as well as some issues that are security related can easily pass them. Moreover some databases are literally full of rather sensitive information.

So why would the companies through away awesome sums of money to keep their desktops and perimeters secure? Here are the main reasons to do so:

1. “I don’t see so I don’t care”. Usually the databases won’t get our attention unless they get slow or break down.

2. “Cat in a box”. Most compliance officers have no idea, what does actually happen inside the database aside from getting the needed information out of it.

3. “Welcome if you get access”. The feature of DBA is that they stay secure as long as you have the access, they will just go on tuning the performance of the database.

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Mobile solution for CRM from Iflexion

The really great feature about the CRM is its mobility. During the first part of 2011, there were more smart-phones sold then all the PCs. That was the obvious sign of the shift in the work of an average man. Now you can rely on you smart-phone in all cases from accessing your contacts to dealing with any materials needed for your work. This data is now easily accessible due to the mobile CRM. The businessmen though prefer to take the mobility in various ways. It’s not always the ability to get the needed data in any point of the world. Smart-phones are not usually handy just outside your office. They can be in a great help when you’re away from your desk, in the warehouse, in the market hall etc.  It will be handy even if you’re in the delivery vehicle.

Mobile programming solution in a form of CRM is the must-have thing for sales people. With it they will have the possibility to enter the sales data right on the stop where the client sends it. No more need to head back to the office and get the new information there. However the people of other professions can use it in their work and free time.

Imagine you have a meeting with your distributor. You can easily check the latest trends, the quality of product on the market so you can make perfectly informed purchase.

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Iflexion Java developers deal with Eclipse

Years have passed in tries to accommodate the platforms like AJAX and PHP for the needs of Eclipse foundations. Finally they decided to return to proved Java option.

The long awaited Indigo will be finally released by Eclipse pretty soon; there the Iflexion java developers will see the main ideas of their loveliest software. According to Mike Milinkovich, this application is the best present for these users from Eclipse Company. It was announced on Tuesday afternoon. The director was sincerely glad the company gets back to its roots.

The organization with multiple open source tools had the genuine tradition to release the various technologies on the same date at once. The last release train got the name Helios.

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ASP.NET Application development in MVC mode

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is the topic of the variety of introductions in the application security. Before the programmers decide to use the MVC, they shall evaluate the functions of their applications, as this kind of programming differs much from the traditional options. Development of the well known ASP.NET forms is really effective when used on the Microsoft platform. The natural technology offered there is the source of the rapid development. It’s really rich interface for the new ways of ASP. NET application development either.

It’s not hard for the developers to get the modern WYSIWYG interface with the wide range of facilities for life and coding. Some of the important issues are given apart here, so the general coding process is much simpler. The maintenance for performance and testability is broken out sometimes. As the alternative in the field of continuity was needed, the modern MVC model was created. It was the completely new type of development in the Web. As for the Application Security, it appeared to be rather significant there. Te abbreviation of MVC known shortly as Model-View-Controller, appeared to be really popular in the web. Now the business logic was separated from the interface of the user, interacting mostly with databases and services. As the modern ASP. NET application development states, the controller was meant to send the information to the model, which in its turn could display it correctly.

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Dependencies in PHP application development

Category: PHP Development

Usually the project needs the definite support to work correctly, mostly if it involves frameworks. There are many libraries in the open source nowadays; they definitely help to save the time. However the new problem appears about dependencies management. Here we offer some thoughts about the ways of salvation by using so called DLL Hell.

Nearly each PHP team uses management tools with the external references to SVN and Git. Still they mostly suit for device management, but not quite for dependencies. They can be forced into this action but sooner or later they will definitely fail. You won’t avoid it no matter what you do for PHP outsourcing; now let me prove my point of view.

Systems for version control

svn:externals was one of the most popular systems for SVN for the past few years. git submodule was the one usually used for GIT. The vey first problem we had to face in our PHP application development was that both programs were only able to support the same type of given referencing repositories. That was the reason GIT appeared to be rather dependent in the current SVN project. Today it will become the real problem, while most people already tend to use GitHub instead of SVN.

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Four Myths about Document Management

The solutions on the market of the document management offer the list of benefits related mostly to business productivity and efficiency. It can work with the business of all sizes and in various industries. Here we offer four myths about the documents and the ways of dispelling the mistakes.

Myth #1: The choice of the companies lies between the cloud-based OR and management deployment on-premise.

Actually the cloud is the solution offering new flexibility options to the businesses. However on-premise software is offering the dominant deployment model as well as the list of benefits. And the thing is that both ways are nicely possible in combination. Any organization can use the technology with on-premise investments with the advantages of the clouds for document management software.

Myth #2:  The compliance might be granted by the expensive complex solutions only.

The solutions might be financially affordable and easily customized yet very effective. The total compliance is rather important for the organization there the recording process made in a specific manner is a must.

Consider the popular standard ISO usually used for Quality Management System in enterprise document management. They are usually related to the records made in electronic form with the significant signatures for enterprise document management.

If you manage to maintain the massive audit trail of most activity of the following documents, you will see the individuality of the activity tracked. So the document shall be easy-to-use and all the way configurable. This is the perfect way to save your funds.

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New horizons for social CRM developer

The author of the famous book dedicated to CRM turns to all social application developers.

“A philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. It’s the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.”

That is what Paul Greenberg states, and the main definition still goes about the manifestation of the CRM idea in your business. It’s generally not the form of technology but the real solution that can go had to hand with your business in a form of social software application. Here the customized approach is generally offered, so you are free to choose the way of how to interact with the customers. The ways of how the various types of business work are not the same. Sometimes one business can appear to be the competitor to another.

Small business and CRM: Smaller, Faster and Better.

According to the main SCRM scenario, the conversation plays the main role. Here are the main types of conversations like one-to-many (the clear examples can be found in social web applications like Facebook), one-to-one-to-many (the talk occurs between two main persons, still the conversation is seen by the others), and finally one-to-one (usually starts as the public discussion, but fazes to the private site or channel). The conversation might be started by anyone, the customer, the user, the businessman etc.

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All you need to know about UI testing and UI design

If you need to create an effective website, you shall think about the usability fro the very beginning. Before developing the site to get to the top of the market or searching for the definite link acquisition you shall be 100% sure the usability is put to maximum.

Here are the areas you shall pay attention to while your UI testing:

• Evaluator role
• Tasks
• Number of website users
• Usability measure

The role of evaluator

Do not allow the “Evaluator effect” to affect the results of the testing. Strengthen the particular areas where evaluators are possible of making mistakes.

Tasks for users

The UI design needs the close attention of the real users, this way you will be sure the mend the real world application. Try to make your UI testing possibly close to what really happens in the particular site.

The actual number of users

Usually it’s enough to launch 5 users to search for any possible problems. Still if the users are all different, they will be handy even is they’re more then five.

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