The leading tips for the effective Content Management solutions.

Here we offer seven main steps for the CMS developers used in order to alert the possible pitfalls and to ensure the best CMS selection possible. There are common pressures enabling the shift acts in the range of the IT projects. All of them are usually Omni-present, however the stated pressures shall not result either hasty or uninformed decisions. Many decisions shall be made in the range of the current CMS projects. You shall be absolutely sure you select the best possible content for the company. For this follow these steps:

Your strategy shall be solidified and definite in the Content Management solutions. The strategy itself is the beginning of any initiative. Dealing with WCM, the fir, grasp is a must, still you need to be sure about the right choice of the solution. Identify the kind of information that shall be online so the customers can receive it.

CMS developers shall gain the definite consensus according to your CMS requirements. The main feature of the CMS is the support of the business process. However you can’t support literally any process with the help of only WCM. The CMS highlights are a must for the effective process.

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The secrets the professional ASP .NET developers ought to know

Be sure it’s not the article about some trivial questions with the set of answers we all already know. Here we are trying to give you some information to think about, so you may come to the unique solution of the problems most of the ASP.NET developers tend to get in touch with. Actually the ASP.NET itself is not just the control dragging by the designer with the hope for some success. Dealing with the ASP.NET is similar to dealing with a race horse – the jockey knows exactly, what it’s able to do, and what it’s not.

Here we offer you the long list you may use for the consumption. If you never got in touch with ASP.NET at all, sure thing you will not understand some of the sections. If you’re working as the independent consultant, you most likely never saw the part of these sections at all. So, looking through the given statements will not define you as a good or bad .NET developer and sure thing will not immediately make you a good one. Still it might be handy in case some problem occurs.

– Define and give the proper description to the difference between the Aspect-oriented, Object-oriented and Interface-oriented types of programming;

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Database application security – comparison of the MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

In the modern variety of the features offered by the databases the typical user may just get lost. As an example the popular Oracle has plenty of specialties and options, some of those are frequently used while the others might stay neglected. The feature that most users need in their daily business is the well-known ACID offering the set of compliant transactions. The best way is to choose the major functions like stored views, procedures or snapshots as well as table datatypes or transactions etc. As the Oracle, MySQL and Postgresql are the most frequently used programs, let’s discover the set of mostly used features in each of them.

It’s not a secret that every one of these databases has its own unique advantages and weak points. Learning the database programming, it’s important to keep in mind these features for the correct and effective work. Every database, even if we’re talking about the most reliable one, has some hidden troubles that not necessary fall into your eye from the first moment. Do not forget about the recent updates and patches the database obtains. Usually the open-source needs more attention then any code itself, so you will have to be much more patient here. The pressure of any community is much stronger then it usually is in the open-source area. Talking about the vendor can or some commercial space, the repair here is harder and much more expensive then the cost you will pay for the in-time fix.

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The main demands to the php application development

Category: PHP Development

The level of the knowledge needed for the successful PHP development is really high, as the technology is now improving rapidly. Here we offer the quick overview over the latest trends in this field. Let’s see what solutions appeared to be the best through the last five years.

The main platforms for the web development. The following technologies appeared to be finally selected: JAVA, PHP, Python, ASP, C#, .NET, ColdFusion, Perl and Ruby. These applications appeared to be the most successful and worth our attention of the PHP development.

The basic trends and demands

It was natural for JAVA and .NET to appear one of the most general technology items in the PHP development. About 3,5% web solutions are made through it, while JAVA obtains about 3% of them. Some developments of the applications not linked to the net are also taken into account. A bit less then half of the applications have to do something with web, others are client or server oriented. Still all of them are really close to each other.

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How to run the effective ecommerce web development

Category: Ecommerce

The question about the style of the conversion is common to the most of the online retailers, as it comes to them during the evolution of their business. Most people tend to think the optimal conversion will totally save their business and will draw the great number of customers to their shop. Still not all of them are aware of the best ways to run the adequate run the adequate commerce web development. If you started reading this article after seeing the title, you most likely hope for the conversion to be the panacea for all the business illnesses. Unfortunately we have to infirm you there’s no such sure in the world of the ecommerce web development.

The data tends to vary widely the moment you find it

The published conversion data is usually not so easy to find, the retailers rarely put all the efforts to check the data metrics and to offer the entire needed information.  So looking for the correct report there’s still possibility not to find one. The net offers a lot of resources, still if you look through the review, it will show nothing but the rough ranges and the most significant features.

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The key tips for the Web portal development

Usually the users tend to come to the IT specialists with a following question of the time when they shall change the content management system into the portal. It wasn’t hard to give the appropriate answer, as the basic features of the right time to use the portal were the need to surface different applications, to login, run the personalization of the experience etc. However it’s not easy to define it nowadays and it has a little to do with the new trends available. During the effective web portal development the main vendors have taken enough time to move to this spot. The following example is the considerable illustration of the process.

The system of the Interwoven’s Livesite enabled the users not just to look through the given static content, as the personalization appeared to be really significant and easy-to-use. It took really long time for the Iwov, still the result was awesome with its flexibility and other available additions.

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Database applications in two styles

Martin Fowler, the well known enterprise applications consultant, revealed some information about the Iflexion database development. He tried to figure out of how they are related to the applications, and found it suitable to divide all the databases in two big groups. The first one appeared to be Application Database, while the other one was the Integration Database. The general difference between them was in the possibility to control the database and encapsulate it by using single database application only.

He found that not all people actually understand when and where the different styles of databases are being used. When being asked about the type of the current database integration, they usually get confused. However both forms of database applications carry their special features and shall be managed in a totally different way. Most people see the databases in the management communities as corresponding to the integration database type. This conclusion has been made for years and is rather typical nowadays. Still there’s a question some users still can’t give the right answer for. If we have a close look at the Integration Databases, they appear to have the large surface area for the interface as well as the tight connection in-between the interface and the implementation. The links within this database are stiff and hard to change if needed. They are brittle enough to be a problem for the user in case the fix shall be performed.

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Dig into the details of the Ruby on rails programming

There is one of the considerable advantages of the program; we’re talking about the rubygems. If you’ve been using the Ruby on Rails for a while, you could have noticed the special rubygems for the Iflexion Ruby developers of all kinds. In other words if the problem is common, some other developer might have solved it already, and all you need to do is to find their solution and use it in a full way.

So if you’re creating some code for a general use, meaning you’ve done it several times already for the other applications, stop and think for a moment if this code could be inserted into a gem, so the other users might get some profit from it too. This way there more and more gems available for the wide range usage every day. This kind of Ruby on rails programming not only helps to widen the gems library, but also makes you think about the proper code form. Many users admit the moment they decide to put the code into the gem they revise it and at the end they get much more simple and neat variant with the same meaning. Also when it comes the time for you to use the code once again, it appears to be already testes multiple times and sometimes even updated to a better code you’re free to use.

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The main PHP (2.0) applications

The web is long ago a special turf for PHP. The libraries created on this language are available on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Facebook. Basically the entire Facebook is built with the help of custom PHP, development as it is one of the most popular languages in the IT sphere. So if you’re curious about the specialty of codebase there, be sure – its PHP (2.0) applications. The reason is because it is fast and reliable enough. The Toolpages are containing the latest open PHP SDK for the open source. The JavaScript SDK is offered for the mobile devices. Python SDK is used there as well. However the official support of the JAVA SDK stopped in February 2008, as the third party become available featured by the facebook-java-api. The curious fact is that the Social Network also contains some scenes created with the usage of PHP (2.0) applications.

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Portal framework – the optimal choice for portal developer

A good portal usually offers a single point to enter one or more different applications. The other feature is that they shall be linked together properly, as in other case the user will have a bad feeling of mosaic when browsing the portal. However the most important part of the framework of the chosen portal is the personalization. If the user logs in, the portal shall understand the chosen settings and offer the data according to them, so that the corporate web portal developer gets exactly what he wants.

The information of this article is neutral one; still you shall be aware that the author has the acquaintances with the JBoss as the portal and product. This article features the curious facts about portals in general manner. After reading the article throughout you will most likely decide if the portal is what you need in your architectural decision, or if it’s not. Here are several features of the portals.


When creating the portal, the portal developer shall mend it carefully into the infrastructure that already exists. All the SSO solutions along with the portal applications shall be in place from the very beginning.

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